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Southern coastal ecological and economic zone to be built in Ningbo

The "three-year action plan" of coastal economic zone in Fenghua was published on December 11. According to the plan, in the following three years, 9.2 billion yuan will be invested to build the southern coastal ecological and economic zone in Ningbo.

The eastern area of Fenghua consists of 61 kilometers of coastline and 96 square kilometers of marine space. "With the marine economy rising to be the national strategy, this golden area has become an important functional zone for building 'marine Ningbo', and it is also the potential spot and focus of future development." said Zhang Wenjie, Secretary of Party Committee of Fenghua.

Based on the existing industrial functions and regional features, Fenghua established the three complementary blocks of coastal functions (new coastal zone, the Sunny Bay and Little Lion Mouth) as the overall propulsion engine for the coastal comprehensive ecological and economic zone. Chunhu County, with its Sunny Bay project with an investment of 20 billion yuan and the new coastal zone with a total area of 16,000 acres, focuses on the building of a coastal city, the urban industrial load bearing area for Ningbo and marine economy central area for Fenghua. Songdai County, taking Zhejiang Shipping Company (with an annual output of 5 billion yuan) as its core, is building a global base for deep-sea equipment producing. Qiucun County attaches great importance to the building of coastal ecological habitat resort and coastal tourist resort.

In accordance with the requirements for infrastructure construction, Fenghua is focusing on the building of the coastal centre line, Feng-Chun Expressway and its connecting line, and Caohuang high way and connecting project of Yinzhou and Hengxi, to improve the traffic in the area. With the completion of building of the 4300-acre new coastal zone, the water network, road network and electricity network are also in the process of perfection.

Now, the eastern area of Fenghua has become a dream place for enterprises home and abroad. In the new coastal zone, 37 projects have been signed with a total investment of 6.932 billion yuan. There are another over 30 reserve projects. Zhejiang Shipping Company has attracted a dozen of related supporting enterprises to come to settle down in the area. With a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan, the Sunny Bay project is well under way.

Ningbo Customs' tariff revenue increased by 5.4 times

News came from Ningbo Customs on December 11 that in the past ten years of China's entry into the WTO, with the development of economy and enlargement of the trade scale, the tariff revenue for Ningbo Customs has been increasing year by year. In the first ten months of this year, the tariff revenue reached 66.69 billion yuan, up by 5.4 times compared with the 10.37 billion yuan in 2001.

It is reported that in the past ten years, China has reduced the import tariffs for over 6,000 products, with the overall level of tariff declining from 15.3% before China's entry into the WTO to 9.8%. All the promises of reducing tariffs have been fulfilled by now. The increase of tariff revenue for Ningbo Customs mainly attributes to the rapid rise of the volume of import and export trade in Ningbo port. Since 2001, the volume of import and export trade in Ningbo port has maintained a 28% annual increase, with the average annual growth rate of international container throughput reaching as high as 31%. In 2010, the overall volume of import and export added up to $161.3 billion, and Ningbo ranked No. 9 in terms of foreign trade scale, for the first time being among the top ten cities.

According to Feng Dong, Chief of Ningbo Customs tariff collection and management section, Ningbo port will witness further development of import and export trade. To enlarge bilateral and multilateral economic and trade cooperation, besides its free trade agreements or regional preferential trade arrangements with ASEAN, Pakistan, Chile, New Zealand and Peru, China will accelerate its pace of negotiating with Australia free trade area and China-Japan-South Korea free trade area. The tariff rate for some products is expected to continue to reduce

US-Ningbo Economic and Trade Cooperation Seminar held

US-Ningbo Economic and Trade Cooperation Seminar was held in Nanyuan Universe Deluxe Hotel on the morning of December 9. Vice-mayor Wang Renzhou and Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee attended the seminar and made speeches.

Located in the southeast of Wisconsin State, Milwaukee is an important lake port and commercial city in the United States. And since May 2006, it has officially established a friendly exchange relationship with Ningbo.

During the session, related officials from Milwaukee Urban Development Bureau and Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce and responsible personnel from Rockville Automation Company and Harley Davidson Motor Company made a detailed introduction of the investment environment and economic and trade cooperation in Milwaukee and invited Ningbo entrepreneurs to invest there. Representatives from dozens of Ningbo enterprises were present at the seminar

Bank of Ningbo won "innovative online banking award"

Recently, in the awarding ceremony of 2011 China Finance Fengyun Billboard held in Beijing, Bank of Ningbo got the award of "innovative online banking".

As a large-scale network awarding system, China Finance Fengyun Billboard is sponsored by, and jointly hosted by such organizations as SEEC. It is one of the most authoritative and most influential yearly awarding in the field of financial industry.

In the past few years, Bank of Ningbo has been making great efforts in promoting the innovative development of its online banking services. In particular, the V4.0 of the online banking system has substantially increased the product function, customer experience and application security.

100 major projects well under construction

The construction of major programs outlined in the “Six Speed-ups” strategy has come to an end this year. On the morning of Dec. 6, the  Discipline Inspection Commission and the Supervision Bureau of the city held a meeting on the construction of major programs for the purpose of unifying the thinking and seeking solutions to difficult problems to ensure the smooth implementation of the “Six Speed-ups” strategy.

In the meeting, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission made a report on the progress of the implementation of the “Six Speed-ups” strategy. By the end of this September, 100 programs were progressing well and 32.298 billion CNY had been invested accounting for 72% of the planed total for the year. However, the development was not balanced, and some programs developed slowly, even not reaching 60% of the annual plan. The Party Secretary Wang Huizhong said the competent departments should analyze problems and seek solutions to accelerate the construction.

The conference pointed out that the difficulty of the project mainly lied in the restriction of their construction conditions. Against the background of macroeconomic regulation, companies met with many difficulties, such as the widening financing gap, the growing land removal costs and the increasing price and costs of materials, and all these made some companies short of money and affected the realization of annual plan.

The conference requested that each department strengthen the urgency and problem-solving awareness and make every effort to properly solve the financing and land acquisition and removal problem.

It required the competent departments must strengthen the safety awareness and properly handle the relationship between the quality and safety and the relationship between the progress and stability. They must be clean-fingered and build the prevention and control mechanism of corruption which adapts to the major programs construction. The audit and supervision of the construction, the project check and the fund management should be strengthened. We should build a solid fire wall of corruption in the construction of government investment project.

At present, the Discipline Inspection Commission and City Supervision Bureau have finished the questionnaire survey on the construction of the 100 major programs and will make spot inspections in the near future

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