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Ningbo listed in the 2nd group of national pilot smart tourist cities

According to related department, Ningbo was listed in the 2nd group of national pilot smart tourist cities.

According to the plan of National Tourism Administration, China should in about 10 years basically realize "smart tourism based on information technology. In 2012, National Tourism Administration released the 1st group of national pilot smart tourist cities. On the 2nd list are 15 national pilot smart tourist cities including Tianjin, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

Exhibition of Lou Senhua's Chinese paintings opened

The exhibition of Lou Shenhua’s Chinese paintings was held in Chenqi Art Center on Dec. 15. Lou Shenhua is a famous painter and also a teacher of China Academy of Art. The exhibition displayed 36 paintings themed at landscapes and flowers and birds. The paintings of Mr. Lou were clear and far-reaching, faithfully expressed the painting spirits of China and the ideals of traditional Chinese scholars.
Borne in Fuyang in 1966, Lou was graduated from the major of oil painting of China Academy of Art as a post graduate. He had learned from many great artists, yet he was most influenced by Huang Binhong, a great artist on landscape painting. Lou has made great achievements in such areas as paintings both of Chinese style and western style, calligraphy as well as appreciation, and he also gathered abundant knowledge on Chinese and western art histories. His paintings modeled on nature while stuck to traditions, thus many of them were collected by foreign museums such as museums in the USA and Japan. Now, Lou is not only the director of the sector of the appreciation and restoration of antique artworks in China Academy of Art, he is also the main lecturer of a program on Chinese paintings broadcasted on CCTV.
Chenqi Art Center, situated on Cuibai Road of Haishu District, was founded in 2012. It is meant to promote the Ming-Style furniture used by scholars in south Changjiang and also dedicated to develop classical arts.

Foreign tourists learning to make local rice cake

More than 200 foreign tourists visited Cicheng, a township in Ningbo's Jiangbei District on Tuesday. Deeply attracted by local crafts like red Chinese knot, embroidery, paper cutting, clay figurines, porcelain, and teapot, one of them even had a try on making traditional rice cakes.

Red Tourism Preferred in Ningbo

It has been learned recently that red tourism (tour to revolutionary commemoration places after the foundation of CPC in 1921) has become popular since mid-November and most of the participants are grey heads.

“We spend one day visiting the former residences of Tong Dizhou, Zhou Yao, Sha Shi and the Family Sha. We are amazed at what we have seen”, said Yuan Jiuhui, the 78-year-old who lived at Xinzhi Community of Haishu District and came to the residences with his five friends after a two-hour bike ride. With a serious look, they were taking photos and notes.

Quite a number of tourists headed to revolutionary base areas and residences. Last week, the number of visitors to the former residences of Tong Dizhou, Zhou Yao and the Family Sha reached 1,000 respectively. “Since last week, we have received about 500 to 600 visitors almost every day and on 19th the number exceeds 1,000, equal to the number during the National Holiday”, said a worker at the former residence of Sha Shi. Half of the tourists were the elderly who came with a tourist team.

“Many of the routes are fit for the elderly who can join in the team tour available in Ningbo tour agents several times a week. Hot destinations include the former residence of Rou Shi in Ningbo and red tour resources in other provinces, such as the Jinggang Mountain in Jiangxi Province, Yanan in Shanxi province and Shajiabang in Changshu, Jiangsu province”, according to the agents, most of the tourists are the elderly people, who tend to tour around in the pleasant weather of early winter.

Investment in tourism projects exceeding 100 billion yuan

It is understood that so far a modern tourist product system has been established, composed of such specialized products as sightseeing, leisure holiday, culture experiencing, recreation and health, conventions and exhibitions, shopping, food and festival celebrations. A series of new leisure industries, including mountaineering, hiking, cycling, skiing, sea fishing, yachting, camping, movies and TV dramas and island tourism, have come into existence and begun to flourish. Currently, there are over 130 tourist attractions, including one 5A scenic area and 25 4A scenic areas.

Statistics from Ningbo Municipal Tourism Bureau show that during the 11th Five-year Plan period, 195 tourist projects were under construction, with a total investment of 78.7 billion yuan. Among others, the high-star hotels, rural tourism, leisure and recreation and other new industries are the favorite targets for investment from private capitals, and attract joint investment from the state-owned capitals and foreign capitals. The major projects mainly locate in such areas as the area around the city, Dongqian Lake area, the coastal area in Xiangshan County, the Siming Mountain area and the area around Xiangshan Port.

According to statistics, at present 84 tourism projects are under construction in Ningbo with a total investment of up to 109.38 billion yuan or an average investment of 1.3 billion yuan for each project, both ranking as No. 1 among cities in Zhejiang Province.

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