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Say “No” to Tobacco


Today is World No Tobacco Day. On May 30th, the Yinzhou Distric Jiangdong Center Kindergarten, joined with Shijia community in Dongsheng Street launched a campaign " Say ‘No’ to Tobacco", during which, children made a large cigarette model by themselves and cut it in public, saying they would tell their family to stay away from tobacco

Retired Teacher Helps to Build 21 Schools in Hunan

In the last three years, Zhou Xiufang, a 71-year-old retired teacher from Li Huili Elementary School in Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, has devoted herself to helping the poor students in the mountain area. She called for more than 3, 000 caring people, who jointly established 21 primary schools and helped 322 students with a fund of over 20 million yuan.

The photo shows Zhou Xiufang with local teachers and students

Nectarine Is in Season

The peasant Tong Fuguo was picking nectarines in a farm in Beilun District. As the temperature rises, the nectarine is now in season, its retail price amounting to 60 yuan per kilogram

Longest Glass Path in Zhejiang Put into Trial Operation

Xujingyan Lingyundu Glass Pathway in the Xuedou mountain of Fenghua, the longest glass path in the province, was put into operation on May 27th.

The pathway is located on the cliff 200 meters high on the left side of Xujingyan Waterfall. The total length accounts for 260 meters, and the glass pathway reaches 160 meters, which is the longest in the province.

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