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Ningbo urges efforts to improve workplace safety during the Spring Festival

On January 11th, the State Council held a national teleconference on workplace safety. Vice Mayor Chen Zhongchao was present at the Ningbo sub-venue. During the teleconference, it was required that all localities must fulfill their responsibilities and strengthen supervision. Inspections should also be carried out to ensure workplace safety during the Spring Festival.

Since November 2016, 4 rounds of inspections have been carried out in Ningbo. These inspections revealed that the overall picture is improving but there still exist some problems, which include weak enforcement, poor sense of workplace safety, low standard of hazard screening and weak governance. Besides, there are some ignored parts in a few key areas and some reported defects are not promptly remedied. In this regard, all localities should continue to carry out rigorous inspections and keep on high alert for safety hazards to improve workplace safety and prevent accidents.  

Ningbo Begins Transformation and Upgrade of Culture and Entertainment Industry

It is learnt from Ningbo Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication that an action plan for promoting transformation and upgrade of culture and entertainment industry in Ningbo has been officially published. It is learnt that public cultural services offered by self-service KTVs will be included in the government purchase of public cultural services.

Since 2012, Ningbo, like other cities in China, has met hardships in the development of culture and entertainment industry and recorded years of shrinking profits with forty or fifty entertainment places closed each year. It is high time we started transformation and upgrade of the 500 entertainment places in Ningbo. Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture published Opinions on the Transformation and Upgrade of Culture and Entertainment Industry. According to the documents released from Municipal Bureau of Culture and Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province and actual conditions in Ningbo, Ningbo put forward the action plan for promoting transformation and upgrade of culture and entertainment industry in Ningbo.

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Ningbo specialties well received at Agricultural Products Fair in Shanghai

The 2016 Zhejiang Specialty Agricultural Products Fair was held at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center on December 16, and over 1000 Ningbo specialties from 94 leading agricultural companies and specialized farms cooperatives attended the fair. 
The agricultural products from Zhejiang Province, especially from Ningbo, have been well received in Shanghai, and the yearly specialty agricultural products fair has been popular among the local citizens. The agricultural products for this year's fair include the fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, processed livestock and poultry products and grain and oil products. The specialties of some leading agricultural enterprises, such as Xiangshan Oranges, Wanghai Tea and Yizhonghe, are exhibited prominently at the center with special features

Three-year Action Plan of Ningbo Beautiful Small Towns Construction

The Three-year Action Plan of Ningbo Beautiful Small Towns Construction was announced on December 8. The action plan includes 6 parts (i.e. planning and design guide, health care, road occupation management, reckless driving management, illegal wiring management and management of small businesses) to complete the comprehensive improvement of the environment of 112 towns until the end of 2019.

The action plan shows that in order to solve the sanitation problems special stress will be laid on the environmental improvement of the old residential areas, urban villages, rural-urban fringes, old towns, public lavatories, restaurants and small enterprises. By the end of 2019, Ningbo will achieve the full coverage of the construction of sanitary towns (streets) with 20% National Sanitary Towns.

The action plan demonstrates that measures will be taken to prevent parking violation, illegal heaps, market stalls, digging, construction and unauthorized use of slogans to improve the road traffic environment.

According to the action plan, Ningbo will ensure 80% citizens will abide by the traffic law in the built-up areas of the towns (streets) and basically ban fuel-powered vehicles. 

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