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First station of “The Belt and Road” International Rock Climbing Masters Race to Be held in Ningbo

“The Belt and Road” International Rock Climbing Masters Race, Tenglong Outdoor Cup, will be held in Yinjiang Climbing Park of Haishu District from May 26th to 27th. The event is jointly sponsored by the China Mountaineering Association and the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau, and jointly organized by the Ningbo Sports Bureau and the Haishu District People's Government.

This special race is created by the China Mountaineering Association, setting men’s and women’s speed races and difficulty races. 92 great rock climbers from 22 countries will participate in the race this time, such as world speed climbing men’s champion Zhong Qixin, Asian speed climbing women’s champion He Cuilian, National Games champion Lou Haibin,

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Cultural Symphony “Eulogy of Humanity” Presented in Ningbo

On the evening of May 14th, the Confucian culture symphony "Eulogy of Humanity", an original work of Shenzhen Symphony was performed at the Ningbo Grand Theater, which was recommended by the UNISCO to the world.

The "Eulogy of Humanity" explores in depth the essence of Chinese traditional culture, elucidating it in the form of Western symphony and promoting the humanistic ideology of Chinese culture. It is reported that symphony has been performed around the world and has received a rave review.

Last night, the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra gave the performance under the famous conductor Zhang Guoyong and the young conductor Lin Daye. The Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra and the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra Choir provided the audience a marvelous audio and visual feast.

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Ningbo to develop sports tourism

Recently, Ningbo leading group for holistic tourism has issued the "implementation plan for accelerating the integrated development of sports and tourism in Ningbo", proposing the "tourism + sports" strategy. By 2020, the total population of sports tourism will reach 30 million, accounting for 20% of the total tourists, and the total consumption volume of the sports tourism will exceed 30 billion yuan.

The integrated development of sports and tourism is an important measure of the holistic tourism strategy, as well as an important part of public fitness and "healthy China" initiative. To promote the in-depth integration of sports and tourism and satisfy the diversified fitness and tourism demands of the people, the plan puts forward four goals. Firstly, with the urban area, the western mountainous area, the eastern coastal area, and such

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Museums: Bridge between Citizens and Multiple Cultures

With the “International Museum Day” approaching, the museum units plans to carry out themed activities around May 18 to set up communication platforms for citizens to enhance their understanding about museums.

The theme this year is “Super-connection: new style, new public.” Linking the publics and multiculturalism, the museums creatively attract more people to experience culture here.

It is learnt that the activities to be launched on the 18th will include the “Qianlong Treasures Exhibition” of Tianyi Pavilion Museum, “Chinese Dream of a Frenchman” of Chinese Port Museum, “Banpo Sites and Cultural Exhibition” of Hemudu Sites Museum, “Luoyang Ancient Frescoes and Painted Cultural Relics Exhibition” of Cixi Museum, “New Collection of Cultural Relics Exhibition” at Fenghua Exhibition Hall of Historical and Cultural Relics, “Ningbo Gang Cultural Miniature Exhibition” of Ningbo Gang Museum, series of traditional cultural activities of Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum and so on.

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Exhibition of Chinese paintings by Cen Qi held

The 2018 exhibition tour of the Chinese paintings by Cen Qi came to Ningbo Gallery on May 6, exhibiting 113 recent works of painter Cen Qi, including landscape paintings, flower and bird paintings and figure paintings.

Cen Qi, 50 years old now, born in Cixi County, started his learning of painting at the age of seven, and has learned directly from the Chinese painting master Lu Yifei. In his career of painting, he has learned by copying the masters and composed his own quaint Chinese painting works, and he has held his personal exhibitions in Singapore and many places in China. Reportedly, this exhibition in Ningbo will last for half a month


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