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The sixth session of Chinese Intelligence Exposition Opened in Ningbo

On the morning of September 9th , the sixth session of Chinese Exposition of Intelligence City Technology & Application Commodity opened at Ningbo International Exhibition Center , in which Tang Yijun , member of the provincial standing committee, secretary of the city’s committee and deputy mayor presented along with Yang Shanxue , Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information , Mao Guanglie, Deputy Director  Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee and Feng Fei ,Vice Governor of Zhejiang Province ,etc.
It was pointed out in the speech of Tang Yijun that Ningbo was an important door of opening policies and the capital of 9 industries nationwide, which was also a significant manufacture base for the eastern China, making it one of the earliest places of choice for the facilitation of intelligent city establishment. Now,Ningbo is at a critical stage for the comprehensive establishment of Well-off society and that for the entry to the first class of metropolises , which makes it most vital to utilize the stimulants of civil enterprising and civil innovation with the boost of the innovation motor and intelligence wings . We will always follow the guide of “Five Development Ideas” and take the establishment of model trial city of “Made in China 2025“ while sticking to the fusion of industrialization and informatization and the joint boost of manufacture industry and service industry , making Ningbo the new type of intelligent city with the features of data-driving, business coordination , industrial fusion, application upgrade and information security , which provides more appreciable experience on intelligent city establishment in China

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The Third China “Smart City” Academician Forum Held in Ningbo

On Sept.10th, the third China “Smart City” Academician Forum was held in Ningbo. Fourteen well-known academicians, dozens of experts and scholars gathered together discussing the new path of development of China's smart city construction.

Academicians Pan Yunhe, Su Junhong, Ni Guangnan, Li Deren, Zhong Shan, Zhou Liwei, Jiang Jingshan, Yu Benshui, Li Bohu, Ma Yuanliang, Chen Jing, Fei Aiguo, Ding Wenhua, Chen Chun, provincial and municipal leaders Chen Zhongzhao, Mao Guanglie attended the forum.

The forum was jointly organized by the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, China Academy of Engineering and Ningbo Municipal government, undertook by Ningbo international marine ecological science and Technology City CMC and Aerospace Science and Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd. Focusing on the theme “smart city construction and development in the new stage”, Academician experts, representatives of government departments and entrepreneurs discussed the advanced theory, technology and practice of smart city construction and industry development trend, to promote the innovation and integration of government, production, learning, research, and integration, and also to better guide and promote the construction of smart city.

Pan Yunhe, Ni Guangnan and Li Deren did the reports “Research on the Development of Smart City in China”, “Developing Network Technology with Independent Innovation”, “Smart City Big Data” respectively.

On behalf of the participating academicians, Zhong Shan called on the government, enterprises, research institutions, social groups and other forces to strengthen cooperation, promote smart city top-level design, innovate smart city operation mode, improve city management and livelihood service system of intelligent construction, promote the construction of smart city big data system, and strengthen the network information security system construction, so that to enlarge the city's comprehensive carrying capacity, to make the management more scientific, residents enjoy more wisdom development dividends.

Online Platform for Investment Projects in Ningbo Went into Operation

An online examination, approval and supervisionplatform for investment projects in Ningbo went into full operation on August 15th, which signifies a seamless connection between platforms of central government, provinces and cites and counties. Hereafter, examination and approval for investment projects will be more convenient and coordinated management more efficient.   
The introduction of this online platform is a key task of the State Council to innovate in investment project management, as well as an innovative measure of promoting streamlining administration and delegation, and improving service reform.

Online examination and approval makes simultaneous work possible by linking departments in charge of development and reform, land and resources, city planning, and environmental protection, etc. together through the Internet and big data technologies. It also realizes a connection between governments at all levels so that proprietors are spared of repeated submission of materials. The platform, which deals with investment projects within certain time limits, has been applied in 271 government departments related to examination, approval and supervision in Ningbo now. 

The greatest highlight of the platform lies in the system of unified project codes which are crucial for its operation. Each project must obtain a code as its unique ID from the platform before applying for examination, approval or supervision, and the progress of examination and approval can be check online. Besides, government department collect application materials and find related information according to project codes.   

This platform makes the process of examination and approval more transparent since the progress online is public to appliers and all departments. It also boasts functions like handling within time limits and whole-process monitoring, which means the power of government departments is effectively monitored and restricted, in the meantime, supervision on projects by government departments are also more efficient, legal and convenient

Ningbo achieves 38.6 billion yuan as trade volume for public resources

It is learned from Ningbo Public Resource Transaction Center that in the first half of this year, Ningbo completed 1055 transaction items of the public resource trading platforms at the municipal level, with a total transaction volume of 38.613 billion yuan, up by 1.64 times over the same period of 2015.
Among others, there are 607 engineering projects, with a total transaction volume of 17.79 million yuan, up by 10% and 30% respectively. The transaction volume of the housing construction and the municipal public engineering account for 91% of the total, with such major projects as the "three roads and one bridge" PPP project, the Sanguantang Bridge and its linking project, the construction of the Line 4 of Ningbo Rail Transit, and the 3rd phase of the expansion project of the Lishe International Airport.  In addition, there are 127 government procurement projects, with a total volume fo 396 million yuan, up by 26% over the same period of last year. the total volume of the transaction of property rights reached 1.027 billion yuan, 5.34 times that of the same period of last year

CPI of July up by 1.6%

According to the latest news from the related departments, in July this year, the CPI of urban residents in Ningbo rose by 1.6% over the same period of last year, with the growth rate remaining almost the same as in June. In the first seven months, the CPI rose by 2.2% over the same period of 2015. 
Seven of the eight kinds of consumer goods or services witnessed price rise while only one kind saw price decrease compared with the same month of last year. among others, the price of food, cigarettes and wines rose by 2.4%, the price of clothes rose by 3.3%, the price of houses rose by 0.9%, the price of daily necessities and services rose by 0.5%, the price of traffic and communications dropped by 1.1%, the price of education, culture and entertainment rose by 1.1%, the price of medicine and health rose by 4.2%, while the price of other products and services rose by 4.6%. 
Compared with in June, the CPI of the rural residents increased by 0.6%. With the lasting high temperature in summer, the demand for vegetable and meat declined, and the price of the fresh vegetables rose by 6.6% over the previous month, the price of pork dropped by 2.3%, while the prices of drinking water and bear rose by 5.4% and 3.7% respectively. With the price rise of the river shrimps and sea crabs, the seafood price rose by 8.4%. With the price rise of some sports shoes brands, the prices of women’s shoes and children’s shoes increased by 5.1% and 7.4% respectively. With the coming of the summer vacation, the price of flight tickets rose by 8.0%, and the tour charges rose by 9.2%. the price of health products rose by 5.4% over the previous month, while the price of golden jewelry rose by 6.1%

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