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Quality Enhancement project of Xiangshan County well under way

At the beginning of this year, Xiangshan County started the six special quality enhancement in such fields as the core area construction, image quality, coastal cultural, infrastructure construction, livelihood service and ecological environment construction, aiming at the implementation of 58 projects with a planned investment volume of 6.365 billion yuan. By the end of June, the county has achieved an investment volume of 3.196 billion yuan, accounting for more than half of the annual task.

Since the beginning of this year, with the special quality enhancement project of the core urban area as the starting point, Xiangshan County has expanded opening-up construction and focused on the six major projects including the Damu Bay New Town, the Xiangshan Bonded Cooperation Zone, the Shenling Complex of Shipu Port, the High-tech Entrepreneurship Park of southern Xiangshan, and the infrastructure construction of the Renyitu Block.

The coastal culture enhancement action aims to explore the coastal tourism and culture resources and build the tourist resort area, leisure tourist base and slow-pace living experience zone. The landscape project of the Happy Ocean Nice Avenue has been completed for the Half Mountain Tourist Resort area. The East Sea City project has accomplished 80% of the construction. Some other projects, including the Xiangshan Film and TV Base for Zhejiang Provincial Radio, Film & Television Group and the Tashan Site Cultural Park, are well under way as planned.

As a legendary island of the East China Sea, Xiangshan County has been making great efforts to make itself a place ideal for living and tourism. In its ecological environment enhancement action, the county has invested a lot. So far, the comprehensive environment service center for the Damu Mountain area has been completed, and the Huiyuan comprehensive environment service center and the Baihe garbage interchange station are well under way. 21 riverside drain outlets have been built, and the centralized treatment of living sewage for rural areas has been realized for three villages. Based on the completion of the 11 river treatment, this year the county has focused on the treatment of four rivers and the construction of the hidden ditch of the Xinhua River, aiming at building a clean, green and beautiful water environment.

We plan to complete a total investment volume of 13.15 billion yuan within three years, and with the guidance of the Quality Enhancement Project Commanding Office, we have seen a completely different landscape view and a more comfortable rural and urban living environment. We are realizing our dream of becoming a demonstration county for Beautiful China. said a person in charge from Xiangshan County Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau

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