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Sea-rail combined transportation flourishes in Ningbo

On January 11th, the sea-rail express named “Zhumadian-Ningbo Zhoushan Port” made its maiden drive from Zhumadian station, Henan to Beilun Port station, Ningbo, which marks that the sea-rail combined transportation map of Ningbo Zhoushan Port has expanded to as far as Henan, a province in central China with over 100 million people.

Zhumadian is a city in south-central Henan, through which Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and many highways run. The city mainly exports furniture, chemical products, paper pulp, etc. In October 2016, Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Co., Ltd. held discussions with Zhumadian municipal government and Wuhan Railway Bureau to promote the sea-rail combined transport from Zhumadian to Ningbo-Zhoushan Port, and the agreement was officially signed recently. The whole journey takes 30 hours and it is scheduled one run a week during the early stage.

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Culture-tourism fashion town to be built at Dongqian Lake area

At the Ningbo (Beijing) Investment and Cooperation Fair held in Beijing recently, the Huaxi International Investment Group and the Administration Committee of the Dongqian Lake Holiday Resort signed the agreement to build the culture-tourism fashion town along the lake, with the total investment of 10 billion yuan.
Since the beginning of this year, Dongqian Lake area has set the development trend of "tourism, health and culture" in line with its industrial structure adjustment. With the new topics of attracting business, it has adopted innovative working styles, accelerated the projects, improved the investment environment and completed the assessment system. By using the new models for precise business attraction, it has identified some major breakthrough projects and new projects, and thus opening a new path for the business attraction work.
As the first project with an investment of over 10 billion yuan, the fashion town serves as a milestone for the development and construction of the area. 
Reportedly, by introducing such industries as culture and sports, tourism, and health to the core zone of the resort, the fashion town aims to develop cultural sports, cultural art, cultural entertainment, cultural creativity and cultural living. The project will improve the industrial and tourist capacity of the Dongqian Lake area and improve its cultural industrial chain. It will become a featured cultural label and promote Ningbo's construction of the "oriental civilization capital"

First urban education complex to be built in Ningbo

At the 2016 Promotion Meeting for Ningbo Cultural Creation held on December 16 in Beijing that Ningbo Daily Group and Ningbo Wanke Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. signed and agreement to co-build the "C-Park", the first urban education complex in Ningbo.  
Reportedly, the "C" refers to cheese, which has the same pronunciation as "knowledge" in Chinese. To be located at No.768 Lingqiao Road of Haishu District, the downtown area near the Tianyi Square, the "C-park" will be built as a comprehensive business center featuring education industry. 
According to a person in charge of the project, the park will be a one-stop urban quality education base. A series of education-related industries will be attracted to the park, including various kinds of quality training agencies and leading cultural creation businesses. Besides, with the creative art exhibitions and outdoor creative spaces, the park will be an education-themed park integrating indoor and outdoor spaces. 
The "C-park" is the first real estate project featuring education by Ningbo Daily Group and Ningbo Wanke. The construction will be started in April 2017 and it will be completed and put into operation in 2018

Food security traceability platform launched in Jiangbei District

With the emerging of such new food production and operation model and new consumption patterns as online booking, Wechat business and private home cuisine, the food security is facing bigger risks and the food security supervision is confronted with new challenges. It is recently learned from Jiangbei District market supervision departments that to get the timely and comprehensive food quality and security information, the Market Supervision Bureau of Jiangbei District has launched the food security traceability platform, the first of its kind in Ningbo. 
Besides collecting the dynamic supervision information of the businesses timely, the platform can sort through the information gathered to find out the risk points of food security.
"With the establishment and adoption of the system, we can use the e-ledger instead of the traditional paper ledger, which will facilitate the statistic analysis of the data." said a person in charge from the Catering Office of the Market Supervision Bureau. The platform has a simple mechanism. The food production and dealing enterprises can post to the platform database the information on raw material purchasing, product supply and sales whereabouts, and then the system will automatically sort out the whole process of food production and circulation. Once there is a problem, the supervision authority can identify the source and whereabouts of the food in question

Seminar on Patent Protection Held in Cixi

Recently, Cixi Science and Technology Bureau has held a seminar on enterprises pursuing and securing patent protection while attending European exhibitions in Platinum Hanjue Hotel (Cixi). Around 120 people attended the seminar including responsible men and intellectual property managers from enterprises and technical liaison officers.
The keynote speaker Dr. Kohler is a famous European (German) patent lawyer and the responsible man of Dennemeyer (Frankfurt),  a leading international IP firm. He is adept in dealing with IP work in Europe and often has close contact with Ningbonese enterprises. In the seminar, Dr. Kohler introduced European patent law and elaborated on how to pursue patent protection and to file patent infringement suit before, during and after the European exhibitions, introduced border inspection and unitary patent. Intellectual property protection is of great significance in Cixi, an economically prosperous city especially in foreign trade. A great number of enterprises frequently attended European exhibitions with their patented products. Recently, enterprises in Cixi have put great emphasis on applying for European patents with an annual growth of 98.9% patent grants in the last 3 years and 237 patent grants in 2015

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