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Selection of "top ten entrepreneurs with painting talent" to be launched

The 2nd selection of "top ten entrepreneurs with painting talent" will be launched to build a platform of learning, discussing, communicating and displaying for the entrepreneurs interested in art, creating a better cultural atmosphere for the business circle.

The selection activity is jointly sponsored by Ningbo Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, Ningbo Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Press and Publication, Ningbo Daily Group, Ningbo Radio, Film & Television Group, Ningbo branch of Zhejiang Daily Group, and Ningbo Radio and Television Weekly. The candidates of the selection are the local prominent entrepreneurs with interest and talent in painting and calligraphy. The range of the works include different forms of painting (like Chinese painting, oil painting, water-color painting, and print making), calligraphy and engraving. 

The final result of the selection will be released in the press, and the excellent pieces of works will be exhibited at Ningbo Art Gallery and later on published in book form

Weighing Children on the Beginning of Summer

On the morning of May 3rd, a series of folk activities were carried out in the culture square of Qiu’ai Township, Yinzhou to celebrate the Beginning of Summer. Numerous citizens participated in such creative activities as Egg Eating Championship, knitting colorful casings for eggs and weighing children.

The pic shows a scene of weighing children

Go Team Contest of Ningbo Districts Held

The Scene of Go Competition (photo by Hu Longzhao)

On 1st may, the third go team competition of Ningbo districts is held in Yuyao.

On 1st may, the third go team contest ends, which involves 16 teams comprising 48 competitors from various districts in Ningbo. After five rounds of intense competition in two days, Yangming team fromYuyao achieves the final victory, thanks to the marvelous performances of Huang Ping, Zheng Yu and Dong Derong.

According to Wu Wenbo, deputy secretary general of go association in Yuyao city, the aim of the contest is to make friends and learn from each other, though the bonus of 2500 RMB is not high. Many of the participants are the go teachers who are provided a precious platform to exchange ideas and enhance communication.

High-level Talents Entrepreneurship Competition Opens

According to the Fenghua Committee Personnel Office, the second high-level talents entrepreneurship competition,“Fenglu Talents” Cup, has been launched. Sponsored by the local committee and government, it is the first large-scale activity attracting talents after the regional planning adjustment.

“The first ‘Fenglu Talents’ Cup held last year attracted 126 teams and individuals from 12 countries and regions. Combined with the industrial base and developing direction of Fenghua, the competition finally selected 11 awards, which greatly enhance the innovation and entrepreneurship in Fenghua”, said the Fenghua Committee Personnel official. 

It is reported that the competition will still focus on the high-level talents at home and abroad, which aims at the intelligent manufacturing, medical equipment, new materials and energy conservation and environmental protection and other key areas. The competition welcomes high-level entrepreneurial teams with proprietary intellectual property rights and innovation projects, giving priority to the projects that have been industrialized or supported by venture capital

National Youth Football Game Held in Ningbo

On May 1, National Youth Five-a-side Football Invitational in the honor of  the Labor Day was successfully held in the cage-style football field of Ningbo Sports Center. Children from 34 teams experienced a football carnival together. 

 Established last year, the invitational football game only attracted 16 teams in its first practice, whereas this year not only did teams participating in the game doubled and organizers set up four groups but it appealed to children in Jiangxi province, Shanghai city, Shaoxing and Yiwu in Zhejiang province, contributing to the presence of children’s football teams in Nongbo.

Four champions came out of the three-day tournament, i.e. Piaoyi Club team , Tuoniao National Elite team, Yinzhou New City Youth Training Camp team, and Shoufa Club team

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