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"Hot Spring Town" to be built at Hangzhou Bay New Zone

It is learned from the Tourism Bureau of Hangzhou Bay New Zone that the first project concerning the seabed hot spring discovered in 2012 has been completed recently. In the following three years, a "Hot Spring Town" will be built based on this unique resource at the new zone.
As is reported, the hot spring well is 1800 meter deep, and the volume of the hot spring reaches 2.8 billion square meters with the temperature at 53.1 degree centigrade to 53.9 degree centigrade. According to the provincial "standard for classifying the hot spring resources", the hot spring at the Hangzhou Bay New Zone is of the 3A level and is the only rare hot salt water with good treatment value found in Zhejiang Province. Compared with the hot spring at land, the seabed hot spring is small in number, as there are only about 30 in 11 countries in the world. 
According to a person in charge from the Tourism Bureau, the new zone will develop and construct a group of large-scale and high-level hot spring tourist projects and build the "Hot Spring Town" in three years based on the seabed hot spring resources, as well as such elements as ecological wetland, sports and entertainment facilities, health and care, and cultural tourism

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