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It's Happening....

"China Specialty. Ningbo" in Taobao started in Digital Technology Park of Ningbo Development Zone

After a month's preparation, "China Specialty. Ningbo" in Taobao was launched online on September 16th. "Within the past 5 days, the sale volume has reached 10 million yuan, 5000 seafood gift bag were almost sold out. It is just as expected", said Xu Feng, the Planning Director of its operator, Ningbo Agricultural Products E-business Company.
The timing of its launch is well chosen. On 16th, the 3 months' summer fishing moratorium ended, and the earliest seafood would come to the market. With the online "China Specialty. Ningbo"Taobao shoppers as well as people in Ningbo can buy fresh seafood from the East Sea. Buyers can get their mail within 48 days after they have placed an order.

Taobao started running Local food of China Specialty with local governments since 2010. Lang Wenqin, the Chairman of Ningbo Agricultural Products E-business Company, said, "'China Specialty. Ningbo' was based on the strategic cooperation between Ningbo Municipal Government and Taobao, led by Ningbo Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative, and run by Ningbo Supply and Marketing Agricultural Products E-business Company." As an E-business platform which attaches importance to public welfare, "China Specialty. Ningbo" will mainly market agricultural products in Ningbo. Presently, seafood is hot. There are also other local Ningbo foods like Yujia Rice Cake from Beilun and Jiangsi Cookies. 
When it comes to seafood, "China Specialty. Ningbo",featuring seafood from East Sea and targeting customers all over the country, created a mode of “M2B2C”, which delivered the seafood from the ship on the sea directly to the kitchen, thus greatly shortening the time from the sea to consumers through internet. For consumers, this mode overcomes the geographical difficulty and enables them to buy the freshest seafood by only clicking their mouse. For fishermen and fishing companies, it enlarges their market and increases their income. For the local economy, it can help boost the local processing business of fishing industry.  
There is always a dilemma for Ningbo specialty like Waxberry from Yuyao and Cixi, and Honey Peach from Fenghua. On the one hand, fruit farmers are eager to sell their fruits in harvest season; on the other hand, consumers are afraid to buy fakes. According to Xu Feng, in "China Specialty. Ningbo",many of the agricultural products can be ordered in advance. In this way, farmers will be able to participate in the price-setting. 
According to Lang Wenqin, the business scope of "China Specialty. Ningbo" will be expanded from seafood to other local Ningbo food, tourism souvenir and daily necessities. 

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