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"Auntie, my father is a woman"

Source 2012-7-20 8:57:37 Ningbo Evening News
  Son tell the truth to expose the father to fraud conspiracy
In order to deceive a woman's money, the farmers obviously have families, but pretended to have been divorced, took less than three hundred yuan to engage in a business card brag is the section chief of the government departments. Obtain trust each other to decorate the house, mobilization of the grounds of fraudulently obtained more than 20,000 yuan in cash from each other hands. Each finds suspicious, to call his son, his son said: aunt, my father has a wife. Yesterday, the the Yuyao man Jianbo (a pseudonym) Yuyao City Procuratorate for fraud prosecution.
  Online Dating located sets
  Jianbo, 44 years old, live in the streets of I Yaolan Jiang, wife and children.
  One night in February of this year, his wife took his son to her parents to the elderly birthday. Jianbo alone at home idly by, log on to a famous dating site, register, and soon met a man named Lin woman. Conversation, Lin said his divorce three years to operate a supermarket in Wenzhou, hope that through this platform to find a catch men. Jianbo heart, they said he is also divorced, children, and boasted that he is a section chief of a bureau of the following in Yuyao. Lin see Jianbo condition is good, and he energetically chatted up. Since then, two more online chat more warming, can not wait to be able to see each other.
  In March this year, Lin Jianbo to Wenzhou to meet her. Before you go, Jianbo in line to buy a fake divorce certificate, and a few business cards in a remote copy shop, above the "Chief" title written greatly.
  March 15, Jianbo came to Wenzhou and Lin meet. After the two meet, on the other side is very satisfied. Subsequently, Jianbo offered to see Lin's family and relatives. Meet this gentle, civil servants "divorce" very satisfied man. Lin also think God is really blessing, to bring such a good man. Since then, she Jianbo more caring.
  Win the trust money making
  See Lin has their own full trust, Jianbo began to get money.
  One day in April this year, Jianbo mother was in hospital on the grounds to Lin to "borrow" $ 5,000. A few days later, and Jianbo added to the loan, and "borrowed" $ 3,000. Since then, the Jianbo especially children do hemangioma surgery, to give Lin in Ningbo to find a job on the grounds, "borrowing" $ 7,000.
  May 11, Jianbo, also known as sick in the hospital. Lin a, and sinks to 5000 yuan. A few days later, Lin to Yuyao see Jianbo, and Jianbo buy the $ 2000 worth of watches and a value of more than 700 yuan razor.
  Son call a spade a spade
  Urged to face Lin marriage, Jianbo said recently busy with work in the competitive position of deputy director of the now distracted by marriage will affect the marriage thing or else wait until New Year's Day and then determine.
  In this regard, the Linli some suspicious. She was looking for the opportunity to jot down from Jianbo the phone the Jianbo son phone number. Back to Wenzhou Lin Lisi before want more and more sense was wrong, they called Jianbo son. Boy on the phone said: "Auntie, my father is a wife."
  Know Jianbo deceive ourselves, Lin sad I chose alarm.

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