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Cloud industrial base of Tencent put into use in Zhenhai District

As was announced at the Tencent Internet Summit Forum on Cloud Industry on the morning of May 18, the Tencent Cloud Industrial Base, the first of its kind by the Tencent Cloud, had been officially put into use on the "innovation and entrepreneurship street" of the Zhongguan Road of Zhenhai District. So far, Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent, the top three internet giants in China have launched their cloud industries in Ningbo.

The summit forum, with the theme of "connecting, smart manufacturing and ecology", serves as a platform for the senior executives from such prominent enterprises as Tencent and Oracle to share ideas on the developing trend of the industrial internet and its revolutionary impact on the traditional industries. The settlement and operation of the Tencent cloud industrial base in Ningbo indicated that the industrial manufacturing in Ningbo has adopted the emerging patterns

and application models for intelligent development and the high-end competitive system for industrial cloud application and industrial ecology has taken shape, accelerating the transformation from "internet + industry" to "smart manufacturing + industry".

The base aims to build the state-level industrial internet demonstration platform, the innovation center for industrial internet, the industrial fund for the industrial internet, and the industrial internet academy centered on the concept of "connecting, smart manufacturing and ecology", according to Tang Daosheng, Senior Executive Vice President of the Tencent Group.


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