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Cross-border e-commerce brisk in Ningbo

With the implementation of the new policies over the past two years, Ningbo has witnessed great development of cross-border e-commerce. According to the statistics released recently by Ningbo Customs, over the past two years, the customs has approved 84.61 million cross-border e-commerce import declarations, with the total value of about 15 billion yuan, achieving the annual growth rates of 70.5% and 56.24% respectively. The cross-border e-commerce platforms cover over 3000 kinds of goods, attracting over 30 million consumers.

The e-commerce enterprises have benefited a lot. "With the beneficial policies, our company has developed well. Last year, the number of import declaration orders reached 4.7 million, with the transaction volume of 1.1 billion yuan, up by 110% and 140% respectively." said Fang Lv, Warehouse Manager of Yongyou Trade Co. Ltd. at Ningbo Bonded Zone. The new policies help to facilitate the operations of the businesses at the bonded zone. For instance, during the transitional period of the new policies, such documents as the customs clearance forms can be omitted for the stocking up of the platforms, which has improved the range of goods and efficiency of clearance, and shorted the logistics cycle.

For further convenience, Ningbo Customs and other related supervision departments have established the new supervision models in line with the new policies. "We now use the X-ray automatic supervising equipment, which have such functions as automatic weighing, X-ray picturing, comparing of single goods on the same screen, and sorting. As for the general cross-border packages, the clearance time has shortened from several minutes to only 20 seconds, improving the customs clearance speed by over 80%." said a person in charge from Ningbo Customs.

So far, six bonded areas in Ningbo has launched the cross-border e-commerce business in the models of online shopping bonded import, direct shopping import and general import, including Ningbo Bonded Zone, Ningbo Lishe Airport, Ningbo Lishe Bonded Logistics Center, Meishan Bonded Port, Cixi Export Processing Zone and Ningbo International Mail Exchange Bureau. The multi-venue coordinated business model has been developed instead of the original single online shopping bonded import model at Ningbo Bonded Zone.

As is reported, there have been over 920 pilot enterprises for cross-border e-commerce in Ningbo


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