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Ningbo makes great achievements at Yiwu International Forest Products Fair

At the recently ended 9th Yiwu International Forest Products Fair, enterprises from Ningbo achieved a total on-site agreement volume of 5.06 million yuan and an intentional agreement volume fo 8.67 million yuan. In addition, 21 products from 21 enterprises were given the golden awards for quality forest products.

This year's fair, with the theme of "green products, sharing development", is sponsored by the State Forestry Bureau and Zhejiang Provincial Government. 72 enterprises from Ningbo attended the fair

72 Ningbo Enterprises on the 2016 Forest Fair

The ceremony of the 9th China Yiwu International Forest Products Fair (Forest Fair for short) was held on November 1. Seventy-two enterprises of Ningbo joined the exhibition with their featured products, such as the exquisite bamboo root carving works, fresh gingers from Ninghai and flower tea with three flavors, of which several kinds of Ningbo High quality tea were widely received for their unique fragrance and taste.

With a theme of “Green Innovation, Mutual Development”, the Forest Fair attracted 1,595 enterprises at home and abroad in total. Seventy-two enterprises in Ningbo joined the fair, whose exhibition has the largest scale so far, covering eight categories of exhibits: wood-building materials, furniture, bamboo and wooden crafts, wooden daily necessities, forest food, tea, forestry science and technology and floriculture products.

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Hong Kong Fashion Shopping Fair to be held

It is learned from the press conference of the "Hong Kong Fashion Shopping Fair in Ningbo" that the fair will be held for three days from November 4, bringing about a genuine "Hong Kong-style weekend" to the local citizens.

Reportedly, this year's shopping fair has attracted over 200 Hong Kong brands for exhibition, including the popular McDull Café, the food carnival with various kinds of Hong Kong-style snacks, and the fashionable "fashion trend street", which can meet the different demands of the local consumers.

Since 2007, the shopping fair has been held in 19 mainland cities, including Beijing Shanghai and Hangzhou, and has attracted over seven million people for participation. Besides the sales and exhibition, the organizers of this year's session will also invite the enterprises in Ningbo and the surrounding area to have one-to-one trade docking with the businesses from Hong Kong

Ningbo's cultural foreign trade blooms

According to the economic statistics of the first three quarters issued by Ningbo Statistics Bureau, Ningbo realized a cultural trade volume of 9.595 billion yuan, up by 2.6% over the same period of last year. In recent years, in addition to product export, Ningbo's culture trade has made efforts to expand the overseas market by exporting cultural contents and conducting overseas acquisition.

Over the past few years, the government and the municipal party committee have attached great importance to the cultural trade work by making it the starting point for optimizing the foreign trade structure and promoting economic transformation. The supporting policies and funds have helped the outbound cultural enterprises to grow. A large number of leading cultural exporters have been cultivated, including the Dafeng Industry, Guangbo Group, Helen Piano, Soundking Group and Xuanyi Network, whose export volume accounts for about 65% over the core cultural product and service export volume of the whole city, serving as an important force for the cultural foreign trade in Ningbo. From 2015 to 2016, nine enterprises of Ningbo were included in the national list of the key cultural exporters, accounting for one third of the total in Zhejiang Province, and four were identified as the provincial key cultural exporters. Plus, 17 enterprises are selected as the key cultural exporters at the municipal level this year.

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Added value of logistics in Ningbo to exceed 150 billion yuan

The "logistics development planning of Ningbo during the 13th Five-year Plan period", drafted by the Logistics Office of Ningbo Development and Reform Commission, was issued recently. According to the planning, by 2020, the added value of the logistics will exceed 150 billion yuan, accounting for about 13% of the GDP. The proportion of the gross social logistics cost against the GDP will reduce to about 16%, demonstrating a clear improvement of the logistics service level and efficiency.

During the 13th Five-year Plan period, the logistics industry in Ningbo will center on reducing the social logistics cost and improving logistics quality and profit. By taking advantage of the opportunity of the establishment of the Zhoushan River-sea Coordinated Transport Center and focusing on improving the international port logistics capacity, Ningbo will promote the construction of the multi-form logistics infrastructure and functional platforms, the internationalization of the logistics development, cultivate the new force of "internet + logistics", thus creating the innovative new environment for the logistics industry, building a more competitive modern logistics service system, and enhancing Ningbo's strategic status in the "one belt one road" initiative, which will guarantee the construction of the modern international port city.

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