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Hong Kong Fashion Shopping Exhibition concludes

In the past four days, the first Hong Kong Fashion Shopping Exhibition held in the three exhibition halls attracted over 250,000 visits, waging a wave of consumption among Ningbo citizens.

Government-supported promotion

The influence of an activity is partly decided by its promotion strategy. The Hong Kong Fashion Shopping Exhibition, held during the 15th anniversary celebration of the Ningbo-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum, is jointly supported by Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Ningbo Municipal Government.

According to a person in charge from Ningbo Trade Promotion Commission, before the beginning of the event, the organizer of the exhibition spread the information even to the communities of such distant areas as Beilun District, Zhenhai District and Cixi County, in the hope of attracting people from all areas and all walks of life.

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Ningbo develops both domestic trade and foreign trade

The 3rd CEEC Expo will be held in Ningbo in June, 2017, marking Ningbo's status as the first choice for the CEEC products entering Chinese market. During the "Double 11 Shopping Festival" this year, the estimated cross-border e-commerce orders will exceed six million. Since the beginning of this year, Ningbo has been developing both its domestic trade and the foreign trade. According to the latest statistics from Ningbo Commission of Commerce, in the first three quarters this year, Ningbo achieved a total social consumption retail volume of 258.25 billion yuan, up by 10.4% over the same period of last year, with the import and export volume of 453.29 billion yuan, down by 0.6%.

At the beginning of this year, the commission decided to focus on the integrated development of domestic trade and foreign trade, and the addressing of such problems as poor consumption structure, low value chain potential and week resource allocation capacity. By taking advantage of the booming of online overseas shopping, a lot of foreign trade enterprises have actively changed their marketing strategies and turned their eyes back to the domestic market.

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Ningbo grabs US$1.2 billion at the Cantonese Fair

At the recently ended 120th Cantonese Fair held in Guangzhou, Ningbo trade delegation achieved a total export volume of 8.052 billion yuan (about US$1.199 billion), up by 1.6% over the last session in 2015.

The Ningbo delegation, composed of 1339 enterprises from the 2206 applicant enterprises, covers 3083 booths, including 2161 ordinary booths (the same as in last session), and 922 brand booths (six more than in last session).

According to Xu Bing, official spokesman of the fair, the number of the overseas purchasers bounced back and the turnover volume showed a preliminary trend of stabilization. There are 185704 purchasers, up by 4.6%, and the export volume stands at 187.301 billion yuan, up by 3.2% over the previous session. The mechanical and electrical products continue to rank No.1 in terms of turnover volume.

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Public service platform for commercial SMEs goes online

Recently, the public service platform for the small and medium commercial enterprises in Ningbo has been launched online.

As is reported, the platform, with the service center for the small and medium commercial enterprises as the construction and operation basis, has attracted over 30 professional service organizations and industrial societies to provide for the commercial SMEs the information enquiry service, financing service, market expansion service, social intermediary service, technological application service, management improving service, guidance service for commercial clusters and industrial society service

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