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The 8th Ninghai Dongshan Peach Flower Festival will soon open

he 8th Ninghai Donshan Peach Flower Festival will kick off on March 20. A series of activities will follow the opening ceremony. The festival will last until April 1st.
Spring comes again the peach blossoms turn red. It is learned that the festival will prepare a big cultural banquet with aroma, color and taste for the tourists. In addition to the beautiful blossoms, there will also be shows of Qipao and Guzhen. What’s more, Ninghai Dexinfang Gallery established Baomingpei, the inheritor of Ningbo intangible culture, will open on the opening day. Painters and artists will also gather here. For foodies, they can not miss the delicious food just like the beautiful views. The festival will invite cooks to have a cooking competition. There will also be an exhibition of local products. While enjoying the beautiful flowers in the spring, tourists can also taste the delicious food. Aren't you interested in the peach blossom banquet with beautiful landscapes, beauties and delicious food. Are you ready? Come here!

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