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Tourism Festivals forging name cards for city

During the Dragon Boat Festival from June 22nd to 24th, tourists from Jiangsu and Shanghai Provinces and Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province flowed to gardens of bayberry in Cixi. The little fruit has become another push in the development of Cixi tourism. The Bayberry Festival has become a new name card for the Cixi city. 
Traditionally, tourists mainly toured to scenic spots. Now they prefer to tour around the city. Tourism festivals in Cixi thus came into being. The International Economy & Trade Tourism Festival, Cixi Tourism Festival, Cixi Bayberry Festival and many other festivals have made the city more famous.
Cixi Bayberry Festival has been held for 24 sessions. Festival activities include large performances, selection of Bayberry Fairies, symposiums of China Bayberry industry and a series of other activities. Since 2008, the International Economy & Trade Tourism Festival has been held every year with performances on the theme of “Love for China - Charm of Cixi”.  With tourism exchanges among Shanghai, Hangzhou and Cixi and the opening of Hangzhou Bay Bridge Economic Forum, cities at the Yangtze River Delta were also involved in the festivals. In the 6th annual meeting of China Festival Industry, the Cixi Bayberry Festival and the International Economy & Trade Tourism Festival were awarded as the most popular festivals.

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