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Ningbo tourism promoted at Zhejiang Travel Fair

"With all the 12 post cards for Ningbo tourism from different booths, you can get a bag of Ningbo glutinous rice balls for free." This is what visitors were told at the 2014 Zhejiang Travel Fair held in Ji'nan, Shandong Province, from March 28 to 30. At the fair, the Ningbo pavilion featuring "marine characteristics" and "smart tourism" attracted a lot of visitors.

The interactive experience area for the smart tourism is a highlight of the Ningbo pavilion, providing such activities as getting tickets by scanning 2D code, receiving a bag of Ningbo glutinous rice balls by collecting 12 post cards of Ningbo tourism and winning tourist coupons by answering quiz questions. Ningbo Tourism Bureau invited the local masters for making glutinous rice balls to go to the fair to cook colorful glutinous rice balls for the visitors.


To further expand the market in Shandong Province, Ningbo Tourism Bureau plans to set up the "Ningbo tourism franchises" in Shandong and strengthen the cooperation and exchange between the two places by conducting the exchange activities between travel agencies in Ningbo and Shandong Province.

Incomplete statistics show that just in the three days, the Ningbo Pavilion attracted over 80,000 merchants and visitors. With the distribution of more than 100,000 copies of promotion brochures, over 3500 tickets and 3000 bags of glutinous rice balls, the pavilion boasts of a much better performance this year over the previous years.

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