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Ningbo received over 24 million tourists in the first half of the year

Of all the tourists, 487,200 came from other countries or regions, an increase of 14.25%, 23.6 million were from within the China, an increase of 12.1%, with the tourism revenue amounting to ¥3.34 million, an increase of 17.2%.

In the first half of the year, tourism developed rapidly in Ningbo, with tourist attractions emerging all over the city. Since the beginning of the year, Ningbo has come up with all kinds of favorable tourist programs, especially around China Tour Day, a lot of programs centering on the theme of "extensive reading and traveling" were offered to tourists, with over 70 tourist resorts offering discounts and even free tickets, which brought a sharp increase in the number of tourists, which, in turn, further pushed up the tourist market. Also, the construction of leisure activity bases has brought some programs with special features and many tourist hotels expanded their business, greatly adding to Ningbo's capacity to accommodate tourists.

Since the beginning of the year, Ningbo has made efforts to further develop the tourist market in Taiwan, making it the largest tourist source second only to the entire overseas market. The municipal tourism bureau has cooperated with travel agencies in Taiwan to develop the source market. From January to June this year, Ningbo has received 110,100 tourists from Taiwan, an increase of 20.85%, with a revenue of $65.03 million, an increase of 25.62%.

Ningbo's investment in tourist projects has also been on the increase, with over ¥86 billion invested in all kinds of projects. In the first half of the year, the projects under construction included 15 large-scale comprehensive projects with a total investment of ¥57.42 billion, 2 cruise yacht projects with an investment of ¥536 million, 3 sports experience projects with an investment of ¥205 million.

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