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Ningbo received 60 million tourists in 2012

On January 18, Ningbo Municipal Tourist Administration released Report of Tourism Economic Operation 2012. According to the report, in 2012 the tourism industry of Ningbo maintains stable in general. In the year, the city received 57.48 million domestic tourists, increased by 10.95% year on year. The turnover of the tourism industry in the year totals 86.28 billion yuan, increased by 14.84%. It is that in 2012 Ningbo travel agencies sent 492,900 tourists to foreign countries, increased by 18.01% above the same period of the previous year.

According to the Report of Tourism Economic Operation 2012, from January to December in 2012 Ningbo received 1.162 million foreign tourists, increased by 8.18% year on year. Of all the figures, the growth rate of the overseas tourism is most eye-catching. An investigation shows that this is attributed to the travel by chartered plane and cruiser. In addition, the high profit for overseas travel is another reason for the enthusiasm of travel agencies to organize travelers to foreign countries.

Of the short-distance overseas travel, the hottest destinations are Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, especially Taiwan. Statistics show that in 2012 Ningbo sent over 69,400 travelers to Taiwan, increased by 40% year on year.

"Ningbo does not have better conditions for national landscape resources than other cities. However, in recent years, Ningbo has made great efforts to promote leisure tourism," said an authority of Ningbo Municipal Tourist Administration. The sport-tourism and culture-tourism have become effective ways for the sustainable development of leisure tourism of Ningbo.

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