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Map of Tourist Attractions Ningbo

Map of Ningbo Tourist AttractionsThere is a bilingual tourist map of Ningbo City, Zhejiang, clearly showing the main scenic areas, containing Xuedou Mount, Asok Temple, Tiantong Pavilion, Tiantong Temple, Baoguo Temple, Simng Forest Park, Hometown of the Jiang Family, and Ninghai Hot Spring, etc.. Traveling this city may give you much surprise, because this area is a comprehensive tourist resort, as you can see in the map, it also includes the ecological villages where you can take a rest and enjoy the tranquility that the nature brings, and the golf club offers the perfect place for sporting, and the Xiangshang Film Studio provides you an opportunity to access to the modern film making process. Traveling this amazing land with this helpful map will amaze and delight you.Click on Map for large View. Save and Print out also possible

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