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Exhibition of Lou Senhua's Chinese paintings opened

The exhibition of Lou Shenhua’s Chinese paintings was held in Chenqi Art Center on Dec. 15. Lou Shenhua is a famous painter and also a teacher of China Academy of Art. The exhibition displayed 36 paintings themed at landscapes and flowers and birds. The paintings of Mr. Lou were clear and far-reaching, faithfully expressed the painting spirits of China and the ideals of traditional Chinese scholars.
Borne in Fuyang in 1966, Lou was graduated from the major of oil painting of China Academy of Art as a post graduate. He had learned from many great artists, yet he was most influenced by Huang Binhong, a great artist on landscape painting. Lou has made great achievements in such areas as paintings both of Chinese style and western style, calligraphy as well as appreciation, and he also gathered abundant knowledge on Chinese and western art histories. His paintings modeled on nature while stuck to traditions, thus many of them were collected by foreign museums such as museums in the USA and Japan. Now, Lou is not only the director of the sector of the appreciation and restoration of antique artworks in China Academy of Art, he is also the main lecturer of a program on Chinese paintings broadcasted on CCTV.
Chenqi Art Center, situated on Cuibai Road of Haishu District, was founded in 2012. It is meant to promote the Ming-Style furniture used by scholars in south Changjiang and also dedicated to develop classical arts.

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