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Excursion to Excursion to Hai Tian Yi Zhouand HZ Bay wetland park

Forall of you that did join and the ones that did miss the trip to the Hangzhou bay bridge tower "Hai Tian Yi Zhou' and the Wetland park, please find here the pictures and the video


Photos Bridge and Tower:



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Here some more details about the 2 locations.

By Zhou Yiyi and Han Jing

Hangzhou Bay Wetland Park,

in northwestern Ningbo in the Hangzhou Bay New Area, has became a hot spot for bird lovers and zoologists interested in bird migration.

The land, a provincial wetland park, is one of China’s eight regional wetlands. The area of Hangzhou Bay Wetlands is expected to be about 2,700 meters long and 1,800 meters wide, with a total area of about 470 hectares, with 46 percent of the area being water.

The park is divided into four major functional areas, including a conservation area, functional display area, missionary service area and wetlands experience area.

“ The wetland park development and construction will be undertaken in two phases with a total planned investment of 552.6 million yuan ($86.5 million),” said Cen Bofeng, director of the wetland management center.

The Hangzhou Bay Wetland Park will be designed as a world-class famous spot for bird watching, combining the functions for species protection, development, research, tours, promotion and education.

Ningbo has unique bird resources with its location along the migratory channel of East Asian migratory birds, and the shoals provide abundant food.

“So far, the wetland park had registered 43 families, 186 kinds of birds, including 13 species of national key protected ones and nine species of vanishing birds listed on the IUCN World Conservation Union,” Cen said.

Cen added that all the plans are designed to better protect the original environment of the wetland park, focusing on the restoration of the original ecological system as much as possible.

Experts also said that although wetlands can drive the development of tourism of the new area and greatly enhance the popularity among tourists, promoting the ecological environment and living quality of the area, the construction work must be done in line with bird protection.
Some more info:
Hangzhou Bay Wetland Centre consists of 43.5 km2, which comprises of three areas, including reclaimed artificial wetland, inter-tidal mud flats which are used by shore birds and ducks, and offshore sand islands. The 333.33 hectares wetland restoration project in the reclaimed land has been completed, including a 7110 m2 Environmental Education Centre and a 63 hectares Public Demonstration Area. The Centre was formally opened on June 18, 2010. Hangzhou Bay Wetland Centre focuses on environmental education, ecological protection and wetland tourism. The centre plays an important and significance role in environmental education, promotion of low carbon living, development of eco-tourism and promoting economic sustainable development and coexistence of human being and nature. There is a plan to design a 1000 m2 exhibit on wetland within a Environmental Education Center in 2011, the target for annual visitors is 200,000. The CHBWC is located immediately to the west of the Hangzhou Bay Great Bridge in Cixi City, Zhejiang.

Hangzhou Bay Wetland Centre is one of the eight coastal wetlands in China and is a mystifying and beautiful place with stunning and picturesque nature.

There are many types of wetlands in Hangzhou Bay Wetland Centre, including inter-tidal mud flats, offshore sand islands, reclaimed artificial wetland and ponds.  Within the region, Andong tidal mud flat is listed as China National Important Wetlands. Because of plant species diversity and abundance of benthos, there are more than 170 species of migratory birds, many of them are endangered and rare species are attracted to this habitat and stop over here annually between East Asia Australasian flyway. The Hangzhou Bay Wetland Centre is thus known as "bird paradise ".

The unique geographical location and good ecological environment of Hangzhou Bay Wetland Center has caught the attention of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). After several visits and study, GEF has selected Hangzhou Bay Wetland Center as the demonstration project for the reduction of land-based pollution sources in East Asian Seas. GEF has granted 4 million USD for the wetland restoration and build the center to be the international important wetlands and an international famous site for bird-watching.

Introduction to Hai Tian Yi Zhou:

The Hangzhou bay bridge has 72 meters. Hai Tian Yi Zhou is 36 meters away from the south of Hangzhou bay bridge. It is the only tourism tower at sea in the world. 145.6 meters high and 17 floors make it be the highest building in Hangzhou bay. Tourist could take the sightseeing elevator to the 16th floor, then take a walk to the 17th floor. There are bridge exhibit room, theme shopping store, café bar and restaurant inside of three floors. There’s a boutique hotel in the fifth floor, which has administrative bar and meeting room.


Photos Bridge and Tower:



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