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Overseas travel heats up in Ningbo

The first five month of 2012 has seen overseas tour hot in contrast with the inbound and domestic tour. According to statistics released by the Municipal Tourism Bureau, from this January to May, 143,500 local tourists chose to take overseas holidays in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and other countries, a rise of 32 percent year-on-year.

The figure includes 66,600 tourists choose to travel abroad, an increase of 34 percent year-on-year. The hottest destination is Korea, attracting 14,000 tourists, an increase of 465 percent year-on-year. In addition to Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and the United States are the top destination countries for Ningbo tourists.

Ningbo opens first geopark

Simingshan Geological Park, as the first provincial-level geological park in Ningo, officially opened on Tuesday.

The park, approved by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Land Resources in December 2009, covers a total area of 61.7 square kilometers. It consists of three regions, namely, the Luochengshan Mountain to Yangtianhu Park, the Hemudu Park, Dalan Township to Danshanchishui Park.

Currently, the visitor center, the exhibition hall, and a 4D theater in the Luochengshan Mountain to Yangtianhu Park have been put into use since its official opening this Tuesday

Taiwan to see more mainland individual tourists

Residents of ten additional Chinese mainland cities will be allowed to travel to Taiwan as independent tourists, according to a deal reached between organizations from both sides of the Strait on Sunday. So far, residents in the four municipalities, two special economic zones, and seven capital cities are permitted to visit Taiwan individually.

Mainland tourists have brought huge profits to Taiwan’s sightseeing sector. Statistics from Taiwan show mainland tourists have create a revenue of more than 167.3 billion yuan NT for Taiwan.

To further expand the market, the two sides cross the Strait held several round of talks and reached the agreement to allow residents from Tianjin, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Jinan, Xi'an, Fuzhou and Shenzhen to visit Taiwan as individual tourists.

Taiwan tourism industry warmly responded to the announcement. "This is a big gift to Taiwan," said the Xu Shuling, director of Taiwan Association of Travel Agency. Bai Zhongren, head of Taiwan Travel Industry Association, said: "we are looking forward to the policy, and it will definitely deepen the communication between people on both sides."

Wu Jinfeng, deputy director of the Beijing Office of Taiwan Strait Tourism Association, said on Sunday, the office would soon send delegates to the newly approved cities and co-organized activities with the local tourism authorities. They plan to publicize and promote information on the individual visit to Taiwan.

She added that mainland tourists to Taiwan on individual tours could visit their official website ( for more information on attractions, accommodation, transport, catering and procedures to get the permit.

China’s east Zhejiang province has the largest number of tourists to Taiwan in 2011. Xu Peng, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Tourism Bureau, said that the increase of the pilot cities showed individual tour is more and more popular among mainland tourists. It has a huge potential market in the future

Traveling passport for foreign experts

On April 9, many foreign experts in Zhenhai District got their traveling passport from the district Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security. As members of the foreign expert club in Zhenhai District, they are entitled to visit all the scenic areas in the district for free.

"Tourism Month" in Yinzhou District to begin

News came from Yinzhou District Tourism Bureau on March 19 that to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the founding of the district, from March 20, the "Tourism Month" will begin, and all the major scenic spots in Yinzhou District will launch a series of favorable activities.

It is reported that from March 20 on, residents in Yinzhou District can visit such scenic areas as Wulong Ponds, Tiangong Manor and Qianshui Bay Farm at half price by presenting their ID cards.

Since Yinzhou District was founded ten years ago, it has attracted an increasing population of tourists, from 2.01 million people in 2002 to 12.541 million in 2011.

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