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A Villager in Ninghai Restores the "Wooden Ox and Running Horse" Invented by Zhuge Liang

Without burning engine oil or eating grass, it was easy to carry three people uphill... Recently, the "bull cart" made by Lin Zhuiquan, a villager in Zhangkeng Village,

Dajiahe Town, Ningbo, attracted a lot of curious eyes. "This is the'Wooden Ox and Running Horse' that Zhuge Liang used to transport grain and grass back then!" He introduced proudly.

This "Wooden Bull Horse" is an all-wood structure, with a length of 2.2 meters, a width of 0.7 meters, and a height of 1.45 meters. It is equipped with four "legs" and three wheels underneath. The wooden "ox head" is vivid and naive

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