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Good growth of early rice seedlings in all areas

Ventilating and refining seedlings. (Photo by Sun Jijing)

On the morning of April 2, more than 10 mu of early rice seedlings went green at Mai Long Farm in Fenghua District. The person in charge of the farm was ventilating and refining the seedlings to make final preparations for planting.

In the spring, the temperature is volatile and some of the seedlings suffered from frostbite due to the cold air a few days ago. Fortunately, as the temperature has risen, the affected seedlings have slowly recovered.

Ventilating the seedlings is an important part of rice planting management. The agronomist introduced that these days, when the temperature inside the greenhouse is high at 25 degrees Celsius or more, the seedlings grow quickly, causing them to have lower adaptive capacity and poor quality, so they need to be ventilated every day to refine their seedlings.

The senior agronomist of the Ningbo Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau introduced that the time to ventilate and refine the seedlings is usually to open the greenhouse film at 9am and cover it again at around 3pm. The operation is repeated every day to allow the seedlings to adapt to the environment so that they can quickly return to tiller after planting and improve the yield of early rice. According to statistics, more than 123,000 mu of early rice has been sown and nursed in 2021, of which about 112,000 mu of early rice has been sown by machine.

From what we have seen so far, the seedlings are growing well all over 2021, and in about 10 more days, the machine planting of early rice will be fully pushed out.

The head of the planting and seed management department of the city’s Agriculture and Rural Bureau said that the city has been given the task of planting 250,000 mu of early rice in 2021. At present, farmers should focus on rice planting management and large field tilling

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