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Pesticide Falling from the Sky

Yesterday, two multi-rotor unmanned plant protection aircraft were spraying prothioconazole and tebuconazole pesticides to prevent and control wheat head blight over the 1,000-mu wheat planting base of Yongfeng Rice and Vegetable Cooperative in Ninghai. Hu Qiangqiang, a member of the cooperative, said that in the past, it took 6

people to spend 5 days on more than 1,000 acres of land. Now using drones, 3 people can complete the spraying work in 1 day, saving time and effort.

It is understood that the use of drones to spray pesticides can reduce the operator's contact with pesticides and reduce the occurrence of poisoning. At the same time, the fog flow sprayed by the drone has strong up and down penetration, fine and even droplets, and better prevention and control effects

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