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Subway Line No.3 in Operation

Media workers are visiting Subway No. 3 (Photo by Xu Neng)

The other day, the line welcomed media workers to have a first ride.

Yinghua Park Station is where the passengers can transfer from Line No.1 to No.3 through an L-shaped passage. With a two-minute gap,

each train will stop around 40 seconds at transferring stations such as Yinghua Park Station and Datong Bridge Station while 30 seconds at others, shortening the time to less than half an hour for passengers to cover all the 15 stations along the line.

The stations are decorated with diversified colors. Standard stations bear simple yet graceful goldish colors; Yinghua Park Station is as pink as cherry blossoms, decorated by flower-shaped lights on the ceiling; Ertong Park is in red with a transferring logo of Line No.4, which is yet in operation; Tiyuguan Station has a dominant hue of peaceful blue; Nanbu Shangwuqu Station is covered in modern gold yellow

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