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2019 Grand Canal International Piano Festival kicks off

The opening ceremony of the Ningbo sub-venue activity of the 2019 Grand Canal International Piano Festival (as well as Langlang Piano Competition) was held at the factory of the Helen Piano in Beilun District on May 5. The opening ceremony of the festival was held at the main venue in Hangzhou and six sub-venues along the Grand Canal. 

The sub-venue activity in Ningbo was jointly hosted by the Publicity Department of Ningbo Party Committee, Beilun District Government and Ningbo Radio and TV Group. The opening ceremony was launched at 9.50, with the wonderful performance of singing, dancing and poem recital by performers from Ningbo Performing Arts Group. As a highlight of the ceremony, 70 piano players from Ningbo Foreign Affairs School played the song "I Love You China" at 70 pianos which were arranged in the shape of the number "70" to celebrate the coming 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of China. The whole ceremony was broadcast live at

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