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Making Green Rice Ball in Ancestral Hall

In the afternoon of April 3rd, residents of Panhuoqiao Community of Yinzhou District starts the green rice ball making activity in the Ancestral Hall for Family Cai. The activity is held to review the traditions in Qingming Festival, and to encourage people to adopt a green and environmentally friendly way to celebrate the festival

Haishu launches Happy Kitchen

Recently, Gulou Street Federation of Trade Unions of Haishu District launched a “Happy Kitchen Experience” activity in Zhongshan Community. Under the guidance of the chef of Dongfuyuan, more than 30 employees from enterprises and communities learned the three special dishes, namely, “Sautéed Beef Filet with Hot Pepper”, “Tail of black carp in clear soup”  and  “fried mandarin fish and pinenuts”. Eating their own dishes, each person’s face showed a very satisfying smile

The 3rd Independent Character Nomination Exhibition

The citizens are visiting the 3rd Independent Character Nomination Exhibition at Ningbo Art Museum. (Photo by Zhou Jianping)


On the morning of April 4th, the 3rd National Nomination Exhibition for Independent Characters was opened at the Ningbo Art Museum. More than 70 pieces of contemporary art were exhibited, including three award-winning works by Ningbo artists. This exhibition will last until the 14th.

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Beautiful Solar Halo

Around the noon of April 1st, the solar halo appears in Ningbo. It is like a round rainbow hanging in the sky, and is very beautiful. There is also a proverb about the solar halo: “halo around the sun or moon, rain in the midnight or wind at noon soon.” This means that a solar halo can cause rain in the midnight, and a lunar halo wind at the following noon. The solar halo can be viewed as the forerunner of weather changes to some degree, and following the solar halo, a forecasted or rainy day might happen

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