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International stationery exhibition kicks off

On March 20th, the 16th China International Stationery and Gifts Fair opened at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, 1503 international standard booths and 955 exhibitors, the largest in history

Blooming flowers usher in bright spring

The ecological corridor of the Eastern New Town of Ningbo has become a golden field recently with the blooming cole flowers. Reportedly, among the 13,000 square meters of cole flower field, there is about 11,000 square meters of yellow flowers, 1,000 square meters of orange flowers and 1,000 square meters of white flowers

The 8th Ningbo Rape Flower Festival opens

A cheerful dance at the opening ceremony. (Photo by Jiang Pan and Zhang Peijian)

On March 15th, the fine weather made the rape flower in Nanling Village of Ninghai Sangzhou Town look especially splendid and attractive. On the same day, the 8th Ningbo Rape Flower Festival and the 16th Ninghai Sangzhou Tea Festival kicked off.

The local specialty displayed in a row feasts both the eyes and appetite of the tourists. The signs of each booth detailed the ingredients and origins of various snacks such as Maibing(Pie), Maijiaotong(like taco),

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