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Foreigners enjoying Chinese opera culture

Some foreigners working in a cultural enterprise ofNingbocame to the Baojiada Community ofShounan Street of Yinzhou District to attend a "opera facial makeup painting" activity. With the guidance of the community residents, they enjoyed the depicting of the opera facial makeup and learned about Chinese opera knowledge, having a taste of the traditional Chinese opera culture

Cherry blossom at Siming Mountain

The opening ceremony of the Siming Mountain Cherry Blossom Festival was held at the Zhangshui Town of Haishu District on April 13. The special events of this year's festival include a 10-kilometer "ancient road tour" from the ancient village of Lijiakeng to the cherry blossom garden of Zhangxi Village. The ten thousand mu of blooming cherry blossom of the mountain are attracting innumerable tourists recently

Children learning to make running-horse lanterns

Recently, a running-horse lantern making activity for children was held at the Nandu Community of Duantang Street of Haishu District, as a part of the series activities of “intangible cultural heritage entering communities”. The activity is not only a form of spreading the intangible cultural heritage but a way of local traditional culture education for the children to strengthen their love for the local culture and traditions

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