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Birth of 120 projects in Beilun Collage Graduates Business Park

Last month, Zhu Shuyi and her 13 employees moved into Beilun College Graduates Business Park for their new workshop. Happy with her young and energetic team, Zhu Shuyi said, "Our workshop is engaged in planning of industrial brands, and this business is in line with the orientation of Beilun. 90% of my staff are post graduates and I'm very optimistic about out future."

Beilun College Graduates Business Park was founded four years ago by Beilun District Government, Ningbo Vocational Collage and Ningbo Development Zone. Since then, it has helped the "birth" of 120 projects. At present, the park has over 60 companies established by college graduates, with about 300 employees. Zhang Qiming, Vice Director of the park said, "This year, college graduates have greatest problem to get jobs. This park aims to encourage college graduates to establish their businesses and we provide them one-stop services to promote employment."


Unlike other business parks, Beilun College Graduates Business Park is in Ningbo Vocational College. Zhang Qiming said that in the last year, the park helped over 300 people get jobs. "This is far from enough. This year, Ningbo Vocational College will have over 2,700 graduates. So we hope more graduates will come to our park with their projects."

Since the last year, Beilun District released policies, offered bases for the practice of students, gave help to students for employment, and took active measures to be a go-between of enterprises and colleges. This year the district will put 30 million yuan to promote employment. It will accept 8,000 college students to practice and establish their businesses.

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