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Ningbo develops its own 5G self-navigating boat

The 5G self-navigating boat developed by Ningbo. (Photo by Jin Lu and Lin Yizhuan)

Recently, several bright-coloured boats have made an appearance in Ningbo's rivers. It is learned on July 6 that the 5G self-navigating boats developed and

researched by Ningbo Industry Internet Institute have been put into use to help environmental governance.

The officer of the institute introduced, “The boats are equipped with water quality monitoring sensors, professional sonar, HD cameras, warning lights and loudspeakers. They are capable of supervision and monitoring work in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and harbors.”

In the past, to monitor the quality of river water, staff have to fetch water from the rivers and lakes, test the samples in the lab and judge water quality based on the test results. Some water areas are with complicated terrain and hidden outlets, so that they are not easy to monitor, leading to low efficiency.

5G self-navigating boats can solve these problems. With self-navigating technology, the boat can not only finish works such as self-navigation and real-time monitoring of waters, but also achieve functions including online real time water collection, long-distance navigation and underwater search and rescue.

Compared to other unmanned devices, the self-navigating boats are equipped with 5G data transmission technology, which data collection, analysis and feedback go on simultaneously, greatly reducing signal delay and effectively compensating for the limitations of manual detection, inspection, sampling, search and rescue. Underwater detection, for example, is five to eight times more efficient than traditional methods.

At present, Ningbo Industry Internet Institute has combined cloud computing and big data to build a water quality monitoring platform and developed the services including real-time water quality monitoring, sampling, and underwater detection, complementing well with the present water quality monitoring devices. Ningbo is aimed to build an “Intelligent Water Environment Brain”. Technicians can clearly see the primary data transmitted back from the self-navigating boats on the app and report it directly to the department.

The officer of the project said, “Ningbo Industry Internet Institute will promote the application of 5G technology in the city governance and help Ningbo Government build a smart and civilized city. Currently, these 5G self-navigating boats are being piloted in Haishu District, and will be further promoted in Ningbo in 2020

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