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Opening ceremony of “petrel assembly” held

On the afternoon of July 15th, the opening ceremony of the 2019 “petrel assembly” activity was held at the HowardJohnsonIFCPlaza, Ningbo. The activity is jointly hosted by the Organization Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Ningbo Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, and undertaken by Ningbo Chinese Overseas Student Association and the branches of the association in all the districts and counties. The opening ceremony attracted nearly 50 Chinese overseas students from the prominent colleges or universities of theUnited States, theUnited Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,France, South Korea, Japan,  Hong Kong, Macao, andTaiwan.

At the ceremony, Song Yifei from Sorbonne University of France and Li Haotian from the Sheffield University of the United Kingdom, on behalf of the new generation and old generation petrels, shared with the participants their overseas study experience and expectations for starting their home businesses back in Ningbo.

Reportedly, this is the fourth year for the “petrel assembly” activity to be held, and over 200 Chinese overseas students have attended the activity. So far, the activity has become an important platform for promoting the overseas students ofNingboorigin, expanding the overseas student liaison, cultivating new overseas Chinese resources and attracting overseas Chinese students to start their own business back home, with great influence and brand effect among the overseas Chinese students ofNingboorigin.

The year of 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic ofChina, so this year’s “petrel assembly” activity has added such new themes of inheriting the “red gene”, spreading the “Ningbo Commercial Group” spirit and striving to be a new generation of the time. The participants will visit the former conference venue of the first Communist Party Congress in Jiaxing, and conduct inspections ofNingboBangMuseum, NingboUniversity, the Junsheng Group, the Shunyu Group, and the Jiangfeng Electronics

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