The outstanding graduation works of College of Science and Technology Ningbo University

Category: On The Campus
Published: Friday, 24 May 2019 16:55

The picture shows the exhibition site. (photo by Liu Bo)

Recently, 2019 Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition of College of Science and Technology Ningbo University was opened at Ningbo Museum. The works exhibited include art furnishings and soft furnishings, environmental art design, animation design, industrial design, visual communication design, display design and so on.

In the exhibition hall, the visitors were fascinated by a set of colorful and full-faced ceramic vases. The vases were covered with a lot of sluggish and listless faces. There were computers, mahjong, WeChat, Taobao, gaming mice, skewers, microphones, beer and other small objects around each face, signifying young people's various night life. The author of "Three Character Classics" is Wang Yinglin, a local Ningbonese. The animation studio of College of Science and Technology Ningbo University has created 10 episodes of original 3D animation "Juvenile Wang Yinglin", each episode is about 8 minutes. The work "Golden Age: Wind from the Sea" focuses on the relationship between the ancient Maritime Silk Road and Ningbo. The creators make the historical figures of the Maritime Silk Road into playing cards; another group of printed cake seals conveys strong regional culture and customs