Rapid developing education in Ningbo

Category: On The Campus
Published: Monday, 06 February 2012 09:52

Ningbo is substantially modernizing its education. As a program trusted by the Ministry of Education to Shanghai Institute of Education Sciences, the Report of Level of Modernization of Provinces and Quasi Provincial Cities of China 2011 was recently released. According to this report, Ningbo ranks No.4 of all the 15 quasi provincial cities, only next to Huangzhou, Nanjing, and Xiamen. For the index of quality of education, Ningbo ranks No.1, and for the indexes of educational fairness and security, it ranks No.2. The level of modernization of education is an important indicator of the level of modernization of country and an important foundation and drive for the modernization of a country. As an opening city on the east coast of China, Ningbo has made great efforts to modernize its education in the past five years and made notable progress in this respect. According to the Report, of all the 15 quasi provincial cities of China, Ningbo ranks No.1 for the index of quality of education, hitting 58.28 points. For the index of fairness in education, Xi'an ranks the highest and Ningbo occupies the second position. For the important index of education security, Ningbo occupies the second position, only next to Hangzhou for a difference of 0.5 points. From 2007 to 2011, the input in education in Ningbo has been rising on the yearly base and the rise is considerable. In 2007, the input in education was 10.760 billion yuan including 7.34 billion yuan by the state. In 2011, the two figures rose to 18 billion and 14 billion. This means that in the five years, the input Ningbo has made in education has risen by 7.3 billion yuan.