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300 patents applied by 150 students in one year

From the Zhejiang Business Technology Institute yesterday, over 300 patents are applied by 150 students in majoring in industrial design, one third of which have reached the cooperation with enterprises.
Wu Dongjun, the director of the industrial design and innovation center, said every student generally has more than two notices of accepting patents, and some students even have as many as six patens. The most valuable patent has sold as much as 300,000 yuan. They have won over 40 innovation awards covering national level, provincial level and municipal level. 
The hot melting 3D printer is designed by Wu Dongjun and other teachers as well as students. The 3D printer is several kilograms weight, and it can print out a precise nut in half an hour. Compared with the expensive 3D printers in the market, this printer is less than 10,000 yuan. At present, a Beijing-based enterprise has begun to mass production.
According to their introduction, most of patents are designed for everyday life and many of them have been bought by enterprises. In order to better realize the value of the patented products, the institute is trying inventing patents for enterprises. the homework is the projects of enterprises. students design the patents in light of the projects and problems. Ningbo Tianhong Stationery Co., Ltd has customized patents. Several days ago, the enterprise spent 800,000 yuan buying eight students’ patents. 

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