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Elites in Ningbo Private Enterprises Pursue “Mind Upgrade”

Plunging into online study right after work and attending university lessons during weekends have become the new knowledge upgrade mode for more and more operators who are in pursuit of “Mind Upgrade” in private enterprises in Ningbo. As it is learned from Ningbo municipal public services platform for small-and-medium enterprises, the “Network Education College” which is personalized for Ningbo private enterprises by Ningbo Municipal Economic and Information Technology Committee has become extremely popular. With the application channel opened (open) for only half a month, 500 free accounts have already been snatched up. 
    As it is introduced, the “Network Education College” has harbored more than 3000 online courses. Besides, users could study all day through computer and phone. So far, the study frequencies and times of most enterprises that have got accounts have surpassed expectations. Among them, Ningbo Ruili Laundry Co,. Ltd stood out as an “Online Super Scholar” with an average monthly log-in frequency of 2500 times and online study time that is about 1300 hours.

    Engaging in online study is only a small aspect that reflects operators’ cravings for self-improvements in small-and-medium private enterprises. There are even more operators attending classes in universities or training courses. “‘New Economy’, ‘Supply-side Reform’, ‘Internet Plus’, ‘Made in China 2025’... All those new concepts strike us one after another. We are excited but at the same time unfamiliar with these terms. It feels like we need to study everyday to catch up with the times .” said Xie Yonghui, general manager of Ningbo Tai Fu Nuo Fu Plastic Products Co. Ltd. who has been studying in Zhejiang University last weekend. Feeling she had not given full expression to her viewers after 8 hours in class, Xie later joined in a heated discussion on big data, new type of marketing and innovation with her classmates in the dormitory. “Now my friends circle has turned into classmates circle, we talk about study, innovation , transformation and upgrading all the time.” added Xie.
    Apart from online and offline study, organizing observational visits to learn from other enterprises has also gradually turned into a popular way for Ningbo private enterprises to improve themselves. As several students in the leading talents class of Ningbo small-and-medium enterprises introduced, the class has organized such observational visits 3 or 4 times within a month. They have observed and discussed with certain questions in mind and learned a lot from every visit. 
According to officials in Municipal Economic and Information Technology Committee, operators in Ningbo private enterprises have a strong demand to study in recent years. In 2016 only, the committee has launched more than 60 training courses for enterprises’ key members  and attracted 8000 odd small-and-medium enterprises operators joining the courses.
     Experts from Economic Research Center of Ningbo Government consider it a positive phenomenon that operators from private enterprises especially small-and-medium enterprises would spare time, money and energy on online and offline study to update their knowledge and concepts. As the transformation and upgrading of economic society step up, the key for NIngbo to be a top runner in supply-side reform is the elite class in enterprises. Meanwhile, studying regardless of time and places to improve the knowledge structure, quality and capability of managers is a shortcut to reach our aim

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