Du Yubo inspected Ningbo University

Category: On The Campus
Published: Tuesday, 13 December 2011 20:27

On the afternoon of December 5, Du Yubo, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education inspected Ningbo University accompanied by Wang Renyuan, Deputy Secretary General of Ningbo Municipal Government Office, Huang Shili, Director of Ningbo Education Bureau, Cheng Gang, Secretary of Party Committee of Ningbo University and Nie Qiuhua, President of Ningbo University.

After hearing reports on the university, Du Yubo made an important speech. He spoke highly of the performance of Ningbo University and put forward several requirements. Firstly, the university should centered on the cultivation of talents. Secondly, it should continue to focus on its localized development. Thirdly, Ningbo University should proceed to develop and inherit the advantages of overseas Chinese founded schools. He emphasized: "It is quite important for Ningbo University to have such a good developing trend. With regard to the co-building proposal made by the university, we will make a detailed study and discussion. As to its proposal of being included in the reform experimental school, the Ministry of Education will definitely support it. It is hoped that Ningbo University will consider in more details the related issues and that Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City will continue to provide better conditions for its development."

Besides, Minister Du visited the "applied marine biological technology lab" in Ningbo University, a key lab of the Ministry of Education.