Construction of provincial health emergency demonstration counties to be started

Category: On The Campus
Published: Tuesday, 28 February 2012 11:18

News came from Ningbo Public Health Conference held on February 21 that in 2012 the overall construction of emergency system will be carried out and the construction of provincial health emergency demonstration counties will be started throughout the city.

In June 2011, the on-site promoting meeting for constructing health emergency demonstration counties was held in Cixi County, and afterwards, Haishu District and Zhenhai District launched the construction of health emergency demonstration counties. So far, Jiangdong District, Jiangbei District, Yuyao County, Fenghua County, Ninghai County and Xiangshan County have all applied as the pilot units for the third round of constructing demonstration counties.

In accordance with the overall requirement of Ningbo Government to establish Ningbo Comprehensive Emergency Rescue Team, five municipal health emergency squadrons, including prevention and control of infectious diseases, poison control, first aid, medical rescue and psychological crisis intervention, have been founded. Meanwhile, such campaigns as major infectious diseases surveillance, food security risk surveillance and network medial public opinion surveillance have been launched systematically, which makes it possible to publish timely alerts and provide references for scientific decision making by early detection of abnormalities and symptoms of trouble. For year, in May last year, the surveillance system played an important role in the early detection and cause investigation of a communitive diarrhea event caused by mussel shellfish. Statistics show that in 2011, the whole city successfully handled 10 emergent public health events.

In 2012, to improve the health emergency capacity, Ningbo is to make efforts to strengthen the overall basic health emergency system construction. Meanwhile, the emergency professionals including disease prevention and control, health monitoring, medical rescue and psychological crisis intervention will be enriched and trained further. Relied on the public health emergency commanding system, the city will attach great importance to the research and development of the infectious diseases surveillance and alert system based on diagnosis and treatment information from medical institutions, aiming at the early detection and report of emergent events and the improvement of the surveillance and alert capacity