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College students paint Ningbo's intangible cultural heritage

A group of college students in Ningbo painted on a 100-meter long scroll in their summer vocation to depict Ningbo's intangible cultural heritage. One of them said, "More than 90 percent of Ningbo residents do not know the Cultural Heritage Day." They hope their painting can arouse the public concern over the protection of intangible cultural heritage in Ningbo.

These college students are from a volunteer team in Ningbo University of Technology. All of the 30 students in the team were born in 1990s and most of them are freshmen. After many field visits and data collection, they completed the artwork, which is displayed on their campus. Their painting depicts 20 Ningbo traditional art or crafts, which ate representatives of the intangible cultural heritage in Ningbo. In the painting, one can find typical Ningbo local colors like watchman's drum in Zhenhai, Zoushu (local opera), bone and wood mosaic art, gold paint wood carving, the recipe of Gangyagou Restaurant, and lion dance in Meishan.

The painters will display the 100-meter long artwork in Ningbo Museum, calling for more concerns over the protection of intangible cultural heritage in Ningbo

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