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14 post-doctoral workstations in Ningbo upgraded into national workstations

14 postdoctoral workstations in Ningbo have been upgraded to national workstations, accounting for one third of the province's total, making Ningbo rank among the top cities of the same kind in China. According to the information from Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, with the active participation of more and more enterprises, the postdoctoral workstations in Ningbo are playing an increasingly important role in introducing high-end talents and breaking through cutting-edge technologies.
"Our great advantage

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Ningbo’s First “Opera into Campus” Experimental Base Opens

On September 30, Ningbo’s first “Opera into Campus” Experimental Base was established in Ningbo Experimental Primary School. Young performers from the Xiaobaihua Shaoxing Opera Troupe, Ninghai Pingdiao Opera Art Inheritance Center and Shanghai Haoxi Culture Communication Company brought wonderful performances including Shaoxing operas, Pingdiao Operas and Kunqu Operas. The activity is also part of Ningbo Experimental Primary School’s National Day celebrations.

 Since 2018, Ningbo Institute of Culture and Tourism has actively released “Opera into Campus” activities, providing students opportunities to know more about traditional Chinese culture and generate interests in Chinese art opera

Ningbo elementary students get gold medals in Math Kangroo

Students from Ningbo Huamao International School won multiple awards, including the highest honor of Math Kangaroo 2020, the largest math competition in the world. Out of 22,000 students nation-wide from more than 30 provinces, the results that they achieved were just remarkable.

Mathematical Kangaroo was initiated in 1980 by the famous Australian mathematician Peter O'Halloran. In 1991, two leading French mathematics educators set up an official competition organizing committee to promote the contest in Europe. In tribute to Peter O'Halloran, the organizing committee named the competition the

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Annual reading report of Ningbo Library released

On January 21, the annual reading report of Ningbo Library was released. In 2019, the new venue of the library and the Yongfeng Hall of the library received 2.02 million visits, with the book borrowing and returning volume of 4.097 million by 1.097 readers. Among others, the readers of the age group between 30 and 40 years old were the major force for book reading, with the book borrowing of 810,000 volumes by over 230,000 readers. The books borrowed by children accounted fro 53% of the total, more than those by adult readers.

According to the report, the new venue of the library has now 2.84 million volumes of books, with the newly added 283,000 volumes in 2019. There are now 213,000 readers with library cards. The visit volume of the digital resources of the online library

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