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Cargo and container throughput via Ningbo Port grew together

In the first half of this year, the cargo and container throughput via Ningbo Port grew together. The former stood at 222 million tons and the latter 7.8 million TEU, up by 6.1% and 10.1% respectively, both hitting a historic high. 
Someone with Ningbo Port Group remarked that amid the sluggish domestic micro economy, the slowdown of foreign trade and adverse climate, Ningbo Port has made every effort in opening up markets and competing for goods suppliers. It gives full play to its clustering advantage and arranges its port production scientifically. It also fully taps the potential of its waterways, berths and storage capacity to ensure the sustainable growth of port production. As many shipping companies are running shipping lines jointly, carrying out berth exchange and cooperation and frequent line integration, Ningbo Port actively seeks international transit, domestic trade and inland business, adjust shipping lines and flights, and maintain a steady growth of both lines and cargo throughput. By the end of June, the port has had 235 shipping lines, including 120 ocean lines. The number of cargo flights reaches 1479 monthly, up by 19.7%, 1633 flights at most. In the first half of this year, about 1.6 million TEU were transited under water in Ningbo Port, up by 32.9%, much faster than growth of local cargo. The Zhapu line has completed 270,000 TEU, up by 80%. In response to the adverse impact of the diversion of crude oil and goods suppliers, enterprises improve their ability and expand the market, which ensures the stability of basic goods supply. The port gives full play ore loading and unloading capacity and yard capacity. The stock of iron ore has basically met the need of daily transit. It strengthens cooperation with large coal enterprises and traders and actively competes for the supply of coal, expands transit range, to maintain the stability of fuel coal. Ningbo Port has carefully made a crude oil operation program, improves the transportation links, actively communicates with the maritime sector, and alleviates the berth, tank capacity pressure by anchorage lighterage. All these efforts effectively guarantee the smooth development of crude oil transit.Besides, the port has made great breakthrough in its opening up. Berth 2 and 3 at Shihua Wharf, Daxie passed examinations on May 16th, and the provincial government approved the use on May 24th. The two berths can accommodate a supertanker, providing a better condition for crude oil goods and the transit of crude oil.

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