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China’s first TVIP unveiled in Ningbo

On September 28, China’s first terminal and vessel interaction platform (TVIP), developed by Ningbo Ocean Shipping Tally Co.,Ltd, was unveiled and going on trial operation at Ningbo Zhoushan port, which realized the electronic circulation of all tallying papers. As reported, it is the first terminal and vessel interaction platform in the tally industry nationwide.

As an important document to prove the completion of cargo handover between the shipper and port, tallying papers should be confirmed and signed by both captain or chief officer of carrier and ocean shipping tally staffs, which was the only shortcoming of zero-contact for shipping tally under the new circumstance of regular overseas epidemic prevention and control.  

This June, Ningbo Ocean Shipping Tally Co.,Ltd officially established a team to embark on research and development of terminal and vessel interaction platform. After a preliminary project evaluation, requirement analysis, function design, technical selection and framework construction, the platform had successively entered the stages of small-scale testing and actual development in August. Now it has realized a full coverage of major container ports in Ningbo.

It is reported that TVIP has four core modules including cloud visa, cloud inquiry, cloud sharing and cloud interaction, which can provide integrative service for shipper, port, agent, tally staff, pilot and maritime department, such as remote communication, data sharing, status inquiry of stevedoring and visa management. Due to its adaptive function with web page, TVIP achieved a perfect connection with portable mobile terminals like mobile phones and tablet PC. People can log in to do related operations by using proper identifying codes.

An expert from this industry said that TVIP, as an important part of intelligent tally of Ningbo Zhoushan port, solved the “last mile” problem of information connectivity, as well as improving the efficiency of ship stevedoring and logistics service quality

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