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World’s largest container ship docks in Zhoushan Port

The world’s largest container ship docked for the first time to the newly-built highest-level container berth in China - At about 4p.m. on May 1, “Hyundai Algeciras” ship, with a capacity of 23,964 TEU, steadily docked in berth 7 of Meishan Port District of Ningbo Zhoushan Port. The ship will sail along the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” to European ports after loading and unloading more than 5800 TEUs in Meishan Port. 

Meishan Port District has a total of 10 approved container berths and a car roll-toll shipment berth. No. 1 to No. 5 berth and car ro-ro berth has been put into use. No. 6 and No.7, two 200,000-ton berth, are the highest level of newly built container berth at home. And the efforts of building remaining berths are accelerating. Upon operation, the No.1 to No.10 berths in Meishan Port would see an annual container throughput of over 10 million TEUs. As a result, Meishan port is expected to become the second “ten million class” single container terminal in Ningbo Zhoushan Port and the fourth “ten million class” in the world following Tangshan Port.

“Hyundai Algeciras” ship, made by Hyundai Merchant Marine(HMM), is the first of the 12 giant ships of its class scheduled to be launched this year. It has a capacity of 23,964 TEUs, breaking the previous 23,756 TEUs record for the world’s largest container ship. The intelligent terminal system of Meishan Port was first applied to ship’s loading and unloading - The staff remotely controlled 8 bridge cranes to unload the containers in an orderly manner on Perth 7 and then the containers were transported to the gantry crane yard, where 12 gantry cranes, under the command of the operating system, automatically completed the container lifting.

As of now, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has been unloaded a total of 69 container ships with over 20,000 TEU in 2020, up 26.1% year on year

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