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Historical “double 11” breakthrough of Ningbo Zhoushan Port

On January 15, Ningbo Zhoushan Port released the following information: according to statistics from Zhejiang Port and Shipping Management Center, the total cargo handling capacity of this port reaches 1.119 billion tons in 2019, making it the only mega port in the world with an annual figure overtaking 1.1 billion tons and ranking first in the world for 11 consecutive years. Its container handling capacity exceeded 27.53 million, ranking among the top three in the world.

“As the largest comprehensive cargo hub, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has complete wharves and deals with all kinds of goods. Cargo like mine, coal and oil associated with the sustainability of national economy all can be transferred and dealt here”, said person concerned from Ningbo Zhoushan Port.

Experts in Port circle suggested that the double “11” breakthrough is of great significance to the integrated high quality development of Zhejiang Sea Ports

and the integrated development of Yangtze River Delta port and shipping.

How could Ningbo Zhoushan Port make these achievements?

Improving business layouts to make breakthroughs

In 2019, Ningbo Zhoushan Port collaborated with some World sites like Vale of Brazil to reinforce the establishment of Northeast Asia iron ore distribution center, achieving the stability of the business. Priority has been give to the protection and supply of regional energy companies, thus seeing a growth in crude oil business. They also sustain the steady and healthy development of all businesses such as coal, food, yellow sands, car roll-roll shipment, and the roll-roll shipment volume surpassed 250 thousand for the first time.

Zhoushan Port keeps pace with upsizing trend of ships . In early November 2019, with the successful completion of unloading of Yuanzhuohai ship at ore transfer terminal of Shulang Lake, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has handled and unloaded 100 the world's largest ore vessel over 400 thousand tons whose receiving and unloading capacity and ore transfer level ranks the top among ports in China. The world's largest container terminal that can be attached by container ships had its annual container volume exceeded ten million for the third consecutive year.

Zhoushan Port optimized container routes, with a net increase of 10 southeast Asian routes in 2019, bringing the total number to 244. It vigorously developed the business of container multi-modal transport, and formed a network of 17 sea-rail intermodal transport trains and several grouped routes. In 2019, a total of 173 ships that weigh over standard 20 thousand tons were loaded and unloaded, up 46.6 percent year on year.

Five-pronged Strategy boosts high quality development

In recent years, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has been promoting the port's internationalization, smartness, convenience, greening and lean development, striving to take the lead in similar international ports.

In 2019, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has launched paperless service of container export business, becoming the first port in China to make it with paperless process and visualization of logistics nodes. An information platform for sea-rail combined transport, a water-water transfer platform, an efficient transport platform, and a cloud service platform for offshore storage yards (waterless ports) have been built, forming an information system for integrated logistics services. The demonstration project for the standardized and programmed intelligent management of dangerous cargo by port enterprises undertaken by the port has been listed as the smart port demonstration project by Ministry of Transport.

In terms of going green, the establishment of a green port in Ningbo Port area has been accepted by the ministry of transport, 2 high-voltage shore power projects in Chuanshan Port area have been completed, 7 high-voltage shore power installations have been built in Zhoushan Port, and first oil-gas dual-fuel tugboat has been successfully launched, which brought the environmental protection effect into light.

In addition, Ningbo Zhoushan Port tries to help shipping companies save costs through lean management. Preferential project for container ships alone saved $ 30 million in fuel costs for over 1.3 thousand container ships.

Integrated development in building world-class powerful port

The cargo throughput of zhoushan port in ningbo has been ranked the first in the world for 11 consecutive years, which is closely related to the integrated development strategy of Marine ports initiated by our province.

Leading the integrated development of marine ports in Zhejiang province, Zhoushan Port has driven Jiaxing Port in northern Zhejiang, Wenzhou Port in southern, Taizhou Port, Yiwu port in central and inland river ports in the province to keep abreast with each other, and accelerated the development of branch line transfer, sea-river combined shipping and other businesses. Ningbo Zhoushan Port has gathered numerous container source with continuous benefits from integrated development, the link by its Ningbo Ocean fleet, the increasingly prominent effects of feeder ports at port branched in north and south parts of Zhejiang province.

The construction of the great bay area, beautiful environment zone, convenient roads and metropolitan area has brought new growth impetus to Ningbo Zhoushan Port, under which steady efforts have been made in the construction of Northeast Asia Bonded Fuel Oil Filling Center, Northeast Asia Iron Ore Distribution Center and LNG National Landing Center. The port also stepped up the collaboration with “four ports" (harbour, land port, airport, infoport), which solved the “last-mile” bottleneck problem of combined transport by land, sea and rail, and promoted the cooperation inside and outside the province

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