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It’s learned from Information Office of Ningbo Municipal People’s Government Press Conference on October 21 that the overall performance of Ningbo economy was stable and moving in a positive direction. According to the preliminary estimation, the gross re

Four shipping routes index included in Ningbo Containerized Freight Index (NCFI) of “Maritime Silk Road Index” (MSRI) were released on the homepage of Baltic Exchange official website at 4 p.m., Oct.23, Beijing Time, 9 a.m., London time, which is the first time China has the say in the international shipping sector, causing widespread concern. Lu Ziyue, Mayor of Ningbo, makes important instruction.  Relevant government authorities, colleges and international cargo enterprises discuss internationalization of “Maritime Silk Road Index” passionately.
Lu Ziyue pointed out the official release of “Ningbo Maritime Silk Road Container Index” in Baltic Exchange is a great event for construction of internationalized city and port economic rim. All departments and Ningbo Shipping Exchange should arrange work according to municipal government policies, promote information resource integrity persistently and establish “MSRI” brand.
Dong Baoqing, deputy director of Technical Information Development Bureau of State Internet Information Office, said, industrial foundation in Ningbo breeds Ningbo Shipping Exchange and “Maritime Silk Road Index”. This collaboration not only advances influence and international level of Ningbo, but also accelerates the internationalization of China high-end shipping service industry and promotes China’s position in international shipping market.
Ningbo University Faculty of Maritime and Transportation is one of the compiling units of NCFI. Zheng Penjun, dean of this faculty, said, typical shipping routes jointly released by Ningbo Shipping Exchange and Baltic Exchange are of great significance and influence and facilitate the promotion of Ningbo NCFI influence as well as the popularity of Ningbo port and city.
Jin Jiang, president of Ningbo Dashing International Logistics Co., Ltd, expressed pride in the internationalization of the index. “NCFI has significant influence on freight forwarding. With this barometer, to a great extent, risks caused by freight fluctuations can be reduced. We hope that it can bring its function into full play.

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