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Jiangdong government and enterprises making joint efforts to promote catering industrial transformation

Since the end of 2012, the restaurants and hotels in Jiangdong District have witnessed a significant drop in performance. To address the problem, the related departments in the district have introduced a number of measures to guide the concept transformation and development of the enterprises in the catering industry.

In recent years, the Sunward Fishery Restaurant has launched a variety of commercial subordinates including Wending No.1, Hantang Restaurant and Hottaste, which makes it possible to effectively share the market risk. This kind of practice will be promoted in the district. Some star hotels and large-scale catering enterprises have entered the “white-collar lunch packages” market and the community nutritious breakfast market. Some enterprises have expanded their market through such activities as group buying, microblog discount and prizes for introducing new customers.


The district has taken the new measures to encourage star-level hotels to participate in commercial cooperation in order to expand markets. So far, such large hotels as Shangri-La Hotel and Sheraton Hotel have cooperated with tourism to attract visitors by taking advantage of the urban cycling leisure tours. As the convention tourism gathering area, Jiangdong District plans to make greater efforts to introduce influencing conventions and exhibitions, and to attract more customers by successfully holding such exhibitions as the China International Housing and Furnishing Expo and the China Maritime Tech 7 Security Expo.

By launching homemade-style dishes and specialties to attract family and corporate dining, and actively developing such special banquets as business dinner, family dinner, and wedding dinner, the catering enterprises in Jiangdong District are turning their eyes to ordinary customers as their target customers.  Statistics show that during the Spring Festival period, some small and medium-sized specialty restaurants had a good performance. The turnovers of such elaborate restaurants as Granny Bridge and Yongshang Home, and such specialty restaurant streets as Jingjia Road, Dasheng Road and Canghai Road rise by 5-10% on a year-on-year basis.

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